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Monday, October 24, 2011

Tiredness, Ya-hoo!

When I be tired mentally, everythang is out-ta whack!!! (You know what I mean Vern!) [I been wanting to use those words for a long time, does anybody out there remember Jim Varney?]

Normally! I keep a rather consistent sleep schedule, especially on my days off. Any change throws my body, mind & demeanor off terribly! (Is-sa feel a lot meaner!) You don't know how much I hate that uwe! My old body doesn't respond well to anythang, other than a good night's rest, please trust me on that!!!

Friday was one of those days where an old man, (ME) had to work like a 25 year old youngin again, plus overtime. Thinkin back to Friday as I'm a typin this on Sunday, I'm TOTALLY amazed at what a 60 year old Dinosaurus-Old-Assus-A-Glenus, accomplished. Sometimes! In a factory environment when pressure is on, deadlines to meet, it ain't fun! (Nope,take my word on it!) I've worked in production all my life, 20 years in Supervision. There is this saying I love, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". Simple straight forward logic right?

I'm from another era, hillbilly lineage on my Father's side, self sufficient, little schoolin. They pretty much built, repaired what was needed, raised their food, as people were forced to due to survive in 1930's. My Mother growing up in the same period from similar humble beginnings, but better educated. You had nothing! Unless you worked hard for it! I'm proud to say I take after my Mother on that! My Father had problems, that's as far as I'm going there!

I knew I was expected to work over on Friday, sooo I was prepared, extra aleve, you see! This old man took pills and gulped down caffeine, like an alcoholic at a a party with free booze! I knew I was gonna need the extra BUZZ, after all, this is Friday, my most physical day! (That be an unknown word in the vocabulary of young-ins today, I must say! (Now before you'all out there in blogdom get ya pan-ties in a pinch, I be a generalizing, I know some good young-ins!)

Well things start off right nice in Cuckooville, but then things started to turn sour, real quick. One department is late producing the product for my department. Not good, but still do-able. (Is that a word, I don't care, it is, here on Glen View!) Whenever you hurry, old machinery doesn't respond well, u-know! Before we know it, we be an hour behind schedule, not looking good for the home team. We're made up on this night of second and third stringers, um, um, um!!! Out of 8 people we have 4 good-uns! (You ever heard of good-uns before, that be hillbilly talk, I like usin my backwoodsy humor when I get a-rollin, BABY I'm startin to feel the power of my ancestors!) One, be a woo-kie, (I know, I know, it should be rookie, but I like the sound of woo-kie, OKAY! Don't get your light sabres out, a little Star Wars humor!) Three of them be Challenged ones. Let me a tell ya, we, ur (slang for are) up the creek without a paddle! What do ya do, when you're a drowning baby? You keep on, keepin on. (treading water) Between the cussing, temper tantrums, product throwing and some changin, in ur plans, we make it, SOMEHOW! It were plum silly ass !@#$ing fun! We tough ones got tougher and we kicked some production ass! YAHOO! Reminded me off some drunken hillbillies a-doin whatever it takes!!!

There be one thang wrong, for this old feller here (ME). Man oh, man after that adrenalin, caffeine high and the aleve a-wearin off who-wee! This old fart with numerous physical ailments and more mental ailments than you can shake a stick at, was a-hurtin baby! I come home took me a looong ass shower, heated me up some of my cure-whatever-ails-ya-chili and fell down in the Lazy Boy Recliner. I was too tired and hurting to sleep, too mentally challenged to write! (Ah oh, is that what happened to them challenged ones I work with, BRAIN OVERLOAD, nah!)

Any way it's Sunday as I'm writing this little plum silly ass little post about an old man's experience. I'm not recovered, my sleep is all messed up. At the time of my aleve, caffeine, adrenalin stupor on Freaky Friday, I felt young once more, if only for a little while. It made me remember the days that the young locomotive could still pull, all them damn boxcars... But, I'm too !@#$ing old for that shit NOW! Much more of that crap and I'll be pushing up daisies alongside my hillbilly ancestors... I'm not ready for that yet, I have thousands of stories to write and all the silliness ya'all out there in the kingdom of blogdom, can handle... If I think it, I'll write it, here in the Kingdom, of Glendum... Ah, hahahahahahaha!!!


  1. "Dinosaurus-Old-Assus-A-Glenus" --- You make me smile !!!

    I myself work best under pressure and I am a big procrastinator, always putting things off till the last possible minute.

    Funny how as we age, we can feel every single bone and cell in our body sometimes.....Oh well, I guess it is better than the alternative of not feeling anything, at least I hope when I am dead I don't feel anything because I am pretty sure I am going to be cremated and that would really hurt !

    Well, I sure hope you have some vacation time coming up soon so you can rest and rejuvenate because I don't want to hear about you pushing up daisies any time soon my friend.

  2. I had my grandbaby today so that is why I am late on the comment :-)