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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mr. Glen's Neighbahoodd!!!

Man oh man, I feel good! Don't know why! I'mma tired of the bad, ainna-gonna-ruina by day! Just say the magic wurds. Ah, oh! Somethun's amiss in the neighbahoodd, what could it be, ain't noobody messin with me! The magic wurds, I'll givim to you, relax, chill, whatever! If-fun, ya allow the problemos to get to you, then the Devil Ones have won today! The magic wurds will come your way, just pull them pants up, way too low anyway! Hurry, hurry, hurry, worry, worry, worry. The magic wurds you already know, "can't say them out loud", you say! This is my neighbahoodd, may I please help ya take the worry, hurry away! Damn it be four letter wurds and reading this silly ass piece, anytime you feel pissed, fretting, things ain't going your way! Okay, okay, okay remember Joe Pesky, think what would he say? Aw come on, come on, you gotta, betta, imagination than that! Joe Pesky would say," XXXX-it, one more time in another way, @#$%-it! You say, you don't cuss or usa, OKAY, OKAY, OKAY, just read what Joe Pesky's advise to you in my neighbahoodd is fuck-it, Fuck-it... Laugh about it... we're just one person of billions. How we gonna fix it ANYWAY???

damn don't know where that come from but felt rrreeeaaaallll good! absolutely nuthin makes no sense does it? do something different, laugh act like a child again, who cares! break up the daily boredom in your own neighbahood, it be okay! no matta how old we may be, the child locked away can be taken out to play. damn it! who says, "we have to act our age, act a certain way"! my mind ain't dead, why act that way! I'M ALIVE, MORE SO TODAY, THAN YESTERDAY, QUITE POSSIBLY MORE TOMORROW THAN I AM TODAY!

We must break free from the everyday world we live in, every same-o day! Hell yeah we have to make a livin, ain't NOBODY a-givin us the doers, thinkers REAL PEOPLE of the Planet any breaks! We carry the world upon our backs! What do we get for that! A broken back and a broken bank account! We comma into this here world naked and broke. In our mind we can be free, go back, remember childhood delights, if only a vision for a few minutes a day. We never truly, really grow up, our bodies just get bigger! Responsibilities, responsibilities, responsibilities, hard to break free and get away! True soo sadly true! What you got to lose! It might just be possible, WHAT YOU ARE A TRYIN TO DO AIN'T A WORKING FOR YOU!!!       PLEASE ENJOY MY SILLINESS, FUN-NEST DAMN PIECE I EVER WROTA, AH, HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  Thank you for visiting my humble site. I hope you have a good day today!!!

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  1. One way I find to let loose and act like a kid again is when I am out with my 19 year old daughter, she says I should do something outrageous . Then she dares me to do it. I used to always say "no way". Well recently I surprised her by doing exactly what she dared me to do!! She could not believe the next time she dared me to do something, I took the dare again. She now says she is not going to dare me to do anything again, because she knows I will do it .