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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The View I See!

What I see depends! Depends on my mood! You're saying to me, "old man you've completely lost it"!
Have I? Ponder what I just said, please! No matter how hard you try! You can-not force youself to be in a good mood can you? If you're in a crabby mood, ready to jump sideways, your claws ready to snag any one that crosses your path, it's terribly hard to change in an instant right! Don't you hate those crabby ass moods and absolutely HATE yourself for being in one of those sour ass frigging moods! I do! I've been working terribly hard to stay out of those crabby ass moods. (I was going to just use the initials C.A.M. but it's too much silly ass FUN to type and say the whole words.) If you're sick, with the flu, it's hard to be in a good mood. I find drinking a quart of Nyquil will put me in a better mood, because I be visiting dreamland silly! It's when I wake up I feel bad! Okay BAD example we can't stay asleep for a couple weeks!

I hate Mondays alway's have, I believe that's why I like Garfield the cat so much. I always go to work in a bad, oopsey, crabby ass mood! Damn you have to go to work, that alone is good enough for me! If I loved all the people I worked with, I would visit them on weekends right? There is this thing called WORK u-know, it don't say "paarty"!!! It's WORK!!!

Okay. okay, okay I be veering off course a wee bit! Why is it sometimes you wake up in a good mood? I think I've done that a couple times in my life! The view I see reflects the day ahead, or at least gets me started in that direction. (Except for Mondays, the only way to make Mondays agreeable, is to take Monday's off, but then Tuesday become Monday's and lord almighty! You understand don't you!)

Most likely I'll wager, if there was someway to keep track of your day, bad, good, acceptable, more time would probably fall into the acceptable category. If we're having a crabby ass day, we'll believe the whole day was lost, most likely! On the flip side if we're having a good day, the few crabby ass moments are probably forgotten! Amazing ain't it!!!

So what be the answer my friends? I want you to tell me because I've had a crabby ass day!!!

Yes, truthfully I have BUT, I'm happy to be able to come home to my house and relax and have a job!
Quite simply, simple, ain't it!!! Well I'mma here to tell ya'all, I'm plum silly ass happy to be alive and to be reminiscing, silly ass shit with ya! I consider myself lucky to be alive! Lucky to be working! Lucky to have a home to come home to! Crabby ass moods are going to happen, that's life sometimes baby! But this old-silly-ass-man-is-a-tellin-ya'all-iffun-you-take-the-time-to-re-evaluate-your-daily-existence and  learn to APPRECIATE the many comforting comforts, we take for granted, which is what I've been TRYING-SO-HARD to do this year!

RICHNESS IS NOT MEASURED BY MONETARY, MATERIALISTIC, WEALTH... IF! YOU! DO!NOT! UNDERSTAND THAT, THERE IS NO HOPE, IS THERE!!!  goodnight sorry about the sermon, please come back dspite it.


  1. First I have to comment on "crabby ass mood" or C.A.M as you call it. That just happens to be my initials (of my real name ) , but on top of that the initials of my blogger name here are P.M.S hahaha, so what does that say about me?? Nothing worse than a woman in a crabby ass mood suffering from PMS. Ok ok, I don't have that problem anymore at my age, but I thought it was funny.
    You are right, when I find myself in one of those CAM's it is hard to snap out of it in an instant, but the last couple of years have made me wake up and realize that life is to be lived one day at a time and there is always something good, something beautiful to find in each day and I make a point to find it.

    Very wise words from you my friend. Appreciate those comforts we take for granted and find something to be thankful for each day. And take joy in the fact that we are alive :-)

    Great post here and to answer your question you asked me on my blog............No, I do not mind at all. I am honored

  2. Well, I disagree wholeheartedly! I hear this crap all the time. "Life is good". "Be glad you are alive". Good compared to what? Why should I be glad necessarily? How do we know this existence isn't some other dimension's hell/punishment? That would seem more logical to me...having experienced way too many years of it!
    You optimistic people put me in a C.A.M.!!!

  3. Wow Timster, sucks to be you I guess !!! But if this existence is some other dimension's hell, I for one am going to make the best of it. To be fair to you though,for a long time I felt just like that, but one day I woke up and realized my world is what I make it and as long as I am alive I am going to make it worth living. But then I am easily pleased by the simple pleasures in life so it isn't hard for me to do. Enjoy your C.A.M. !!!!