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Monday, October 17, 2011

Games People Play!

From out of the blue the song, The Games People Play, enters my mind, while I'm at peace, enjoying some quiet moments. Some of the lyrics I remember are, "never saying what they mean now, never meaning what they say". Beautifully complicated, they do seem to me!  People, possibly don't mean what they say, because they don't wish to be un-kind, as in hurting people's feelings, most likely, a white lie of sorts, it makes sense to be kind, doesn't it! Everyone tells white lies, don't they?

Life is more than a game, it's extremely complicated wouldn't you say! Playing chess is a game, jeopardy is a game. Beating another at chess, makes you smarter, in jeopardy you can win money, both rewarding. The living of life is one continual game isn't it! It can be a battle, that you always lose. It can be a delight, if you're up to the challenge. For most of us, it's a fluctuating combination. At this time in my life, I don't want battles, takes too much out of me, shortens my life! I wish to savor every moment and play down the bad, as in not letting Jimmy Joe's asinine attitude ruin my day! I've not known patience in my life until this year. Life altering events have a most unusual way of changing one!!! Couple that with age and what I'll call "learned wisdom". Learned wisdom be what you must go through to see into the picture, the painting. If you quickly glance and can't see the beauty it holds then you need to slow down and learn to appreciate the ever changing breathtaking beauty that each day brings. No two sunsets are alike, if you don't understand that, you'll never see true beauty.   

I had a friend who viewed life as a game, compared to my seriousness. (I think upon it more as responsibility.) I reflect back upon his childhood compared to mine, I see why he looked at life that way. Brad being an only child was spoiled growing up, therefore; he never grew up, it's plain and simple to me. He was an extremely like able chap, but that alone is not enough, is it?

I grew up in a large poor family, we share, we love as a family. (When the timing is right I'll write stories about a young me.) A far cry from Little House on the Prairie closeness or the Walton's. Problems from one parent lingers in all of us to this day. Mom was the rock of Gibraltar representing the saving grace needed, thankfully! My childhood represents me today, plus the games of life I've learned or choose to play! I hope I'm making sense here as I try to work through the thoughts coming to me as I write. Words, songs pictures pop into my consciousness and I've found the only way to get them out is to talk or write about them.   

Games are destroying us at every level, why and how did the challenging, mischievous, lying for our good ever get started in the first place. Certainly we're not born that way. It's learned behaviour from witnessing adults. A child's heart knows right and wrong. I believe it starts out imitating what we witness and while some use the games, the lying, others feel it's not right in their heart. Some grow up to be Politicians, some grow up to be the pillars of the community, bright shining examples for our children.

The dad-burn games are part of life. I hate these type of games. I can't listen to a Politician as they lie to the American People. They ought to be strapped to a lie detector for every question asked by us, the REAL people. How does a Politician get to the top in their profession? (I can't understand what would make someone chose Politics.) I think of it this way, the upper crust of the Political Arena are simply front men for their Parties, like the best salesmen, fast talking, smooth!!! Con men, Hucksteers! The Powers That Be are running this here world, always have!!! Who be TPTB, follow the money baby! It sure as hell ain't you and me and the average good citizen of this here world!!! How did it get this way? It's always been this way!


  1. Wow,you said a lot here in this post. I am going to ponder it and digest it for awhile before I make a comment. (this is not a comment hahaha!!)

  2. There is so much to say about this post. It is filled with a lot of messages and wisdom and questions, so I am sure I will be back here more than once. A few years ago, I think in 2007 when I first started blogging on another forum, I wrote a piece about lying and I posed the question to my readers (back then I had a LOT of them haha). The question was : "Is it ever ok to lie?"
    What a variety of answers I got to that question!! Most people saw lying as wrong, with exceptions. I just may try to re-write that blog here in the next few days. I wish I still had a copy of it, but I did not back it up at the time and that particular blogging place one day went "out of business" and those of us who wrote there completely lost all of our stuff. I now keep a copy of everything I write in a separate place just in case. Anyway, this is just an excellent thought-filled post today and I will be back again to address some of the other things. I DO wish there were more people reading your blog. I am sure there is something for everyone in your writings.