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Monday, October 3, 2011


For some reason this beautiful word keeps popping up. Whether I'm reading or just out of the blue. I've no idea why, but I love this word. SERENDIPITY means, a seeming gift for finding something good accidentally. I'm not sure where to go after that, but damn, it's pretty!

SERENE means, clear; bright; unclouded (a serene sky), also not disturbed or troubled; calm, peaceful, tranquil, etc.

SERENITY means, the quality or state of being serene; calmness; tranquility.

I'm going to say what has crossed my mind about these three words, then I'm going to write something to break my train of thought and come back to these words. "WHY"? I hear Suzie Smartassy ask. (She be one of my inner voices, ignore her!) The reason is I'm going to give any of my inner voices that's awake some time to HELP ME! (You don't really think any one person can be as serious one day and goofy the next day do ya? I have HELP!

All I can say about SERENE, I want that, especially the not disturbed part!!!

SERENITY, the only way I'm going to find that is drunk, passed out in the floor!!!

SERENDIPITY, I be a mite confused on that one I see two totally opposites here, like ying & yang! Serene be GREAT, but that DIPITY be right confusing!!! I believe I'm going to write under the name Confused, that sounds more in my area, especially where I am employed.

I'm going to try that meditation shit again, it sure as hell never works for me, but here goes, hang on as I put you on hold___________________. Are you still there? I forgot to take my meds so I haven't meditated yet, but soon I'll be medicated and I think that will be better for my mind. I'm going to put you on hold once more.____________________. Deep breathing___deeper breathing______deepest breathing so far____________))))))) snoring)))))))))) Uh, uh, (Gasping, shaking my head!) Damn I was having a nightmare, Aliens had taken over my body! When I go to sleep, they took over my mind, it was horrible, I woke up with no imagination, no emotions. I had become a Politician, I'm still shaking at the thought, eeewwee! What would I write, without an imagination, "trust me", "I'll get rid of the Lobbyist", "I'll do what's right for the American people". In my nightmare I saw ear to ear smiles, gold so bright so shiney, Lawyers, Bankers! It was horrible!

That be one of the worst nightmare I ever had. Losing my mind and becoming a Politician! I thought meditating was suppose to be calm, relaxing, tranquil, serene. Serene my ass, it was awful, not disturbed, I was as disturbed as I have ever been, NO IMAGINATION!

That word serenity brings something else to mind after that feeling of being a-a-a damn, I'mma shaking and can't say the fricking word, a-a-a Pol-i-ti-cian! I'd rather be dead than a-lyin out both sides of my mouth to the American People. What kind of evil entities could do that? Have to be evil Aliens from the planet Lawyeranus.

"Okay, okay, okay, you @#$%ing moron, embicile, nincapop of an old fart"! There is only one voice within my head that cusses like that, I introduce Joe Pesky to the readers of Glen View.

"Have I not taught you any @#$%ing thing since I took up residence in your penthouse of a brain! You always try to make goody goody crappola out of everything you do. You're the DIPITY part of serendipity you stupid hillbilly dipstick!" Ah, ah, ah, (I stutter for something to say.)

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, the @#$%ing cat's got your ignoramous tongue. Lawyers are HIGHLY paid for the work they do. Just so happens, Politicians seem to be mostly Lawyers, am I right? Ying and Yang my ass, they both be taking directions from the behind the scenes Power Brokers of the World baby! That be the rich, the ones that have always pulled the puppets strings! Gold talks, and gold buys anything and everybody! They sit upon their Thrones of gold, live in their Castles and Ivory Towers the same as they always have! They once called themselves Kings & Queens. They rule the world with the military might of the ones they have bought, lot, stock and barrel"!

I must apologize for allowing Joe Pesky to speak his thoughts, my mind's an equal opportunity inner voice brain!

So much for serendipity huh! Finding the good accidentally is gonna be hard after Joe!

Well the way I see it! There has always been bullies, monsterious Devil types ever since I can remember. There has always been the kind, sweet Angel types. The more people in the world the more of both. We can only HOPE, there is a POWER stronger than the lust of gold and manipulative entities. Since the beginning of time these types have fought and WE as everyday, honest, hardworking folk HOPE that someday we'll rise up with the help of the FORCE of the universe! MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!!! goodnight

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