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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Before My Last Sunset

News of the day the old fashion way, I have been wanting to give a go at reading the newspaper and give my thoughts, my opinions and hopefully find things to joke about. Away I go! Damn that was short. What was I expecting? It be the same o shit. Why did I think I would find anything different today, I have no idea. It seemed to make sense at the time. I reckon I'll just let my mind wander for a few minutes and see what the little white ball pops up.

First thing, lighting is not right, I'll have to fix that. Ah, much better, just the light of the computer screen, drawing me like a moth to the flame. Saying, "come hither you old fart, what kind of meandering nonsense are you going to slap me upside the monitor with tonight"? Perhaps a story, make some fun of  Politicians, nah, boring, I feel like something fun, exhilarating! Damn, damn, damn, I may have to resort to meditating and if that don't work, I'll have to medicate.

It's been a little over a year, since I undertook this escapade in madness. Still seems strange, but in a good strange, almost out of body way! Believe me when I tell you, I have worked hard in learning to type. It sure as hell ain't easy, when ye be on the verge of Alzheimer years. Sad, but a mite funny I know! I struggle in the beginning, asking myself, "old man what are you thinkin"? For those of you that have typed all your life, there is probably no way to understand, that such a seemingly simple thing, could be so challenging, confusing, irritating. Honestly, I gave up countless times! English, was my worst class in school. I never understood all the rules, all the propa, properness of every @#$%ing thang, that goes into being propa!!! My good friend Timster, over at how dare I, somehow knew, I wanted to do it. He told me "you ought to start a blog". Yeah right! An old illiterate nincapoop who knows nothing about computers, doesn't know how to type, knows nothing about writing! Who in there right mind would even think of such an unlikely moronic thing to do??? There be the answer! BABY I AIN'T NEVER BEEN IN MY RIGHT MIND!  So here I am still strugglin, still tryin, still a-peckin at them damn keys on that devil's board! Lord have mercy, it be a hard row to hoe, (A little country humor.) I have the feelin, that I be a-learnin until my last peck at the keyboard. I have nuthin, earth shattering to tell, no educated words of wisdom to spread. I be a simple, plain o'l boy from the humblest of poor hardworking folk! Once, I was ashame of where I came from. That was my mistake, but when you're young, you don't know, NO better! Ain't it a cryin shame, you must learn from your mistakes, however; it be them mistakes that make you grow! I have been through my share of sorrow and grief and will see more before my last sunset... I sure as hell would change, and fix many things, but not for me! I would take away the pains of life my family has seen... It simply, not be fair sometimes... I am at peace, and am ME, because of the good and the bad. I've struggled a lifetime... I ask for more, to continue a-peckin away... I never want to be perfect at, nuthin... I just wish to be ME... If I touch someone's heart in any way... I be forever grateful and humbled... They say laughter is good for you and I do believe that... Laugh with me... Cry with me... Love, as I attempt to write heartfelt stories and humor, MY WAY!!! goodnight my friends, no matter where you be!!!    


  1. "An old illiterate nincapoop"???........... NAAHHH I don't think so !!!!!

    "no educated words or wisdom to spread".......... Thank goodness for that. I don't much care for those educated types . I prefer down home good old common sense wisdom over that educated crap any day !!

    As for the sorrow and grief. That is part of life and I think what makes people stronger AND makes us appreciate the good times and things in our lives.

    And by gosh, you just keep on being YOU, because if you change into something besides you I am not reading your blog anymore hahaha !! So there!!

  2. Oh and by the way, give a big "thank you" to your friend Timster for encouraging you to learn to type and write this blog. :-)