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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I. M. Confused, (My new name)

TGIF... I'm gonna think under my new nickname, Confused, has a really nice vibe to it. Let's lengthen it a mite, I. M. Confused, yow-za! I like it, I really like it, sounds soo, soo ME don't it? Goll-ly, pals of mine, Eureka! The discovery of what I have been placed upon this planet to do, OR to do to all of you who visit my neighbahood! Did I confuse you more than you already are!!! (I was going to say that in a more earthy feel, as in the f word.) I'm a thinkin, maybe, just maybe I should try cleaning up my act a wee bit, let's just see how it goes. No promises, because sometimes I get mad, REAL mad and that word just pops out uncontrollably.

I. M. Confused. I really like my new name, EXCEPT, I be confused about everythang, in this here world. Maybe I need to ease into my new name, let's look at what happened today in, my neighbahood. Good night's sleep, no confusion there. Startin off right's good, yee-haw, oopsey, didn't last long. I couldn't find my ?, dag-blasted car keys. Um-um-um, I be a gettin pissed off, then I get confused. I always place them ?, whoops darn things in one of two places, nope and nope, so where can they be? I go round in circles a thinkin. Man am I ever gettin CONFUSED, big time! I lookee at the clock, I'm goin to be late for work, I recheck the two places I already checked mumerous times before, nope, and nope. After checkin the same two places a hundred times them rascals be right there, where I put them last night just like I always do! How the ??, heck do you explain that? My Grandma would say "the devil had his hand on them"! That ??, crazy ass devil a playin with me huh? I hope the hell not!

I get to work, TGIF. I do my normal thang. (I be sorry, I just loove the way thaaanG sounds!) Well I sure as hell ain't confused but lands-a-mighty the look of confusion on my compadres! WOW!!! U-know if I was to write exactly some of the crazy ass thangs that goes on in Cuckoo Inc. You would probably think I have lost it. There ain't no ?? wonder we ain't got production jobs anymore. Them be some lazy ?? oops, people in Cockoo Inc. Sue and Klem work with me and they know what I be a sayin, but ya'all out there hopefully in the REALLY REAL world don't have to put up with what I do at Cuckoo Inc.

I. M. Confused and thinkin!!! HOW can I make just ONE point, to give you an idea of a what I'm a talkin about. Our business is good only due to the fact that, Cuckoo Inc. has picked up additional work, ONLY because, other smaller businesses like us are closing, due to a major lack of interest in this antiquated product. We have new business, only because we be in the right place at the right time! NOT because of our fantastic product! I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me. I actually like my job and have worked in an industrial environment my whole life. It's the CHALLENGED individuals in all capacities that don't know what the ??, heck work is all about that frost my balls. Warning! terribly close to the f word, I will allow it this time!

I been contemplating about how to write about my daily adventures at Cuckoo Inc. To witness the deteriation of the workforce that I have worked around for over 40 years be reduced to this, is so ??, sad and so ?? confusing I just feel like CRYING! Sad but true, AND SO FUCKING CHILDISH WITH INMATURE BEHAVIOUR FROM ONE LAME BRAINED NINCAPOOP OF AN EXCUSE FOR A PERSON. IT ACTUALLY MAKES ME HAPPY TO THINK THAT I'M NOT GOING TO BE AROUND TO SEE THE COMPLETE LOSS OF SIMPLE WORK ETHICS THAT ARE VANISHING, ALONG WITH WHAT I ONCE FOUND PROUD TO BE HUMAN!!! goodnight and (thanks Timster for helping clarify my point, by making your point on my last post) hahaha! I absolutely loved it!

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  1. I laughed and laughed about your incident with the keys!! I have had the same experience where I put something in it's regular place, then I look and look, it is not there and I am getting aggravated because I KNOW I put it there, then suddenly, there it is, right where I always put it!! Either there is a ghost, or someone in this house is trying to make me think I am crazy........OR perhaps they are trying to make me realize the truth that I AM crazy :-)
    The lack of work ethic is contagious. There is the same problem down here and maybe I will write about that at some point.
    Thanks again for starting my day out with a smile. You really are a treasure!!!

    I hope you and your wife have a beautiful and relaxing weekend. We have a tropical system over us at the moment and they are calling for anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain. If you don't hear from me again, I will be on the Ark !!!