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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ma & Pa Turtle in "Sunny Side Up"

Starring Ma & Pa & Rickie, Dickie & Trixie and the rest of the Turtle Creek Gang. Last weeks episode was Hard Shell as you can see we caught up to the new reality show sensations this week as they take some time to get a tan on there beautiful shells, they want to look good in front of the camera so any free time is spent relaxing and working on their  hard bodies. As everyone knows the camera adds size and a good tan makes them abs more defined.

The hit series is a much needed change of pace in the modern face paced world we live in. We follow them around the creek as they visit the whole Turtle Creek family. The creek is full of adventurish slow moving characters who are not afraid to show, we the viewers how they paddle around seeking thrills. This family is as down home and as challengingly slow as characters come. There slow moving slow talkers have caught we the viewers off guard.

"We the Hares of the world are strung out from a-runnin around all day, too much Mexican influence in our daily world. We Hares believe we need to rush, rush, rush, then we can't relax, too strung out on life you see"! That's my opinion as your host of  Turtle Creek, my name is Hairy Hairbrains.

This weeks episode is proudly brought to you by the Super Fast Shoes Incorporated, where you'll be able to zig and zag with the top Hares in your town. Remember, the Easter Bunny endorses our product!

Tonight's opening shot you see Ma & Pa discussing these young Turtles of today and their Shellphones. "What in the creek could they be a-talkin about all the time"? Pa asks, Ma speaks up, "well dear it does take a long time for them to swim over to their friends log! Would you rather, they be gone all day? At least this way we know where they are, isn't that the most important thing after all honey shell"!  

Pa says, "of course you're right my little turtle dove, they could be out on the road trying to outrun them be squash machines that go round and round on that asphalt jungle on the other side of the creek. In my day we would stay on the side of the road in the tall grass and watch them machines going so darn fast they'd make our heads spin. My Uncle Tex from the big creek of Texas would have the rest of us young turtles push him over on his back and wait for one of them squash machines to go by, he'd spin around so many times and so fast we couldn't count. Then we would turn him back on his feet and he would sing get along little dog-gie. He'd be so discombobulated once we had to push him back away from those squash machines, he were so out of it! Those were the good old days I reckon! This young hard headed, hard shelled young-ins are gettin plum shell silly. Remember Touche my brother Shelton's son, who would tried to cross the road. Touche wanted to see what lies beyond Turtle Creek and became a flat dead Turtle. We watched as vulture carried him off, it was not a pretty sight so all in all Touche's legend serves a purpose for these young ones, so I won't complain no more about them Shellphones. Them Shellphones and all them games they play on them will keep them from getting flattened on the road! It may rotten their brains, but hey, we're just slow moving fun loving challengingly slow and we can watch the Hare channel on cable. I just love to watch them fast moving Hares being chased down by all the animals that are faster than they are! It don't matter though, them damn Hares multiply so fast you could never get rid of them. So we'll be happy being the slow one"s of the animal kingdom, every night as I look at my young-ins I'm proud as can be that there still at home in Turtle Creek"!

This silly little story was inspired by a picture I saw a day or two ago, hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Just goes to prove a picture IS worth a thousand words!      THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, YOU'ALL COME BACK NOW YA'HEAR!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the story!!!! This just made my day AND inspires me to get out there more with the camera!!! You have the best imagination !! I always look forward to your stories. Thank you :-)