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Sunday, October 16, 2011

NIGHT MOVES, Brain Lost!!!

I'mma gonna be totally honest with ya'all. Ausssie Blue & I just returned from a relaxing ride out searching for Bigfoot, (You now the hairy creature of the night, that some believe exist.) Any how, I'm bedtime sleepy from our delightful ride and snacking at Taco Hell, (oops sorry!) The point IS, I be-a-makin to ya, is, I'm gonna take my meds and typa-as-longa-as-my-wittle brain can. When I can't typa nooo more, I will hit publish and hopefully make it to my bed! I hope! It might be a mite cold on the carpet, ha, that be funny like a passed out drunk! This be a good tiredness, so I'm WARNING ya, I have NO idea where this is going. I'm going to let the errors go and EVERYTHANG, getcha another cup-O-coffee and strap yourself in!!!

Oh my God! What am I about to do, this will either be the best-us, most-us, fun-us, EVER, or the craziest thang! I ever did! My mon-ey is on the latter! Well, one thang you already ur, aware of, I'm plum ass silly! Whatever come-a into my mind I'll say. (Interesting note, come-a, sound-a, a lot-ta like COMA. Huuum! Maybe I stay in a partial self-induced coma to keep from spontaneously combusting, or to keep from going plum XXXXING nuts. Yep sounds logical to me!!!)

After taco's I visited the Super Store where nothing is made in America, (Kinda funny, kinda sad!) and all employees appear to be aliens, (From another planet.) not Mexico! I personally, well unfortunately, know one young man who works there, and he is UNLIKE "anybody" I have seen in 60 years. How would I describe this character? Ummm, most interesting thought! Let's take a Leprechaun that's almost six foot tall and weighs 250 pounds, who talks funny and all the time, but on the other hand he reminds me of that character Fat Bastard in the movie with Mike Myers as .......... damn, damn, damn, I can't remember the name of that @#$%^&*&^%$#@ movie, that just flat !@#$%^&*&^%$# pisses me off!!!!! I have completely lost whatever I was saying, before the !@#$%^&**&^%$ tirade! I believe he is from the planet Lepermania in the, Challengmanic galaxy near the Moronic what-cha-ma-call-it thing-a-ma-boob!  OH! OH! OH! The name of that Movie was Austin Powers, baby!!!

Man oh man! Oh man! They got Halloweenie stuff and Christmas stuff out at the same time, doesn't seem right somehow. (WARNING MEDS KICK-IN IN BIGG TIME, I FEEL ABOUT A 4 BEER BUZZ, WOOZY, I'D RECKON!)

So me and Aussie Blue ride around searching for the critters that move in the night. An extremely goood night. Many deer, one slow moving old fox, reminding me of ME and my old dog. Beautiful night, clear and 55 degrees. I wore my hooded sweatshirt so Aussie Blue could enjoy her head stuck out the window. Sometimes I think that's the only thing keeping her going, riding, love and taco's. She turns her nose up at dog food. I give her what I eat, you can't be around her when I eat ham & beans! (haha) Eye sight going, mind gone! THAT'S ALL FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Well you might be "plum ass silly" as you say, but you are very entertaining when you are silly, so keep it up :-)

    I have never gone out searching for bigfoot or any creature for that matter, but one time I was driving out to the beach and standing in the middle of the road was this huge creature which I took to be a wild boar as there are a lot of them out there. I had my camera with me, and I stopped the car so I could get a picture. I fumbled around trying to get it out of the case and just as I did and got it pointed at this creature and zoomed in on it, the darn thing turned and ran off into the marshes. I was able to get a picture but it was too not a very good one since it was far off......but the strange thing was, this creature had a tail like a wolf......but legs like a boar. It was the strangest thing. I have never seen one again, but I often wonder about that thing because that is NASA property out there and I saw this creature right by "Biolab Road" Hmmm, maybe some sort of mutant?? Some NASA experiement?? I have read of some strange things they do.......

    Anyway, once again, a great blog from you. Put a smile on my face as usual !!

  2. I just read my comment and I notice I put the word "too" in an odd place..... yep, breathing those gas fumes way back in the days destroyed some brain cells haha!