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Monday, August 1, 2016

I have been thinking again!

I've been doing a lot of thinking, I actually wish I wasn't, especially since it's about this years Presidential election. Hillary Clinton was the heir apparent candidate in 2008, not by me but the news articles and newspapers I read. The Powers That Be, the Elite, you know money people, had already decided she was the one. Then Rocky Balboa Barack Obama gave a speech which I happened to see live introduced in Chicago by Oprah Winfrey, I said "he'll be the next President!" His speech was phenomenal, probably the best I have ever seen. I remember thinking "is America ready for a black or female president?" I remember watching Obama's inauguration speech and I felt like he was the real deal, Jesse Jackson had tears in his eyes while listening to the new president. I thought this man a mixture of black and white could work wonders, bringing the racial divide to new togetherness.

I got a little sidetracked expressing the thoughts of yesteryear, sorry! So an unknown from Chicago blew away the Clinton name, should I say brand? Much unhappiness in Clintonville over this Obama fellow, per the articles I read. Hate seems the proper word.

This whole presidential election just seem off, like it's staged, first off look at her primary competition. It looked to be a runaway for Hillary. Orchestrated to perfection. Bernie I believe a fine honest man was allowed to think he was a real deal. The Powers That Be need a good believable screenplay and I think it was delivered. The contest must look real!

Donald Trump plays a part, simply by being who he is. Knocking off the other real Politicians, because they were Politicians. The idea was to tap into the forgotten people that feel left out. The white males. Only not just any white males, the non college, deemed NRA beer drinking good old boys from all across America.

The Politically correct way the lifetime Politicians talk make them good ol' boys vomit their Budweiser. Good ol' boys tell it like it is, using words of their every day usage. Factory, coal miners, farmers, truck drivers, dock workers, etc,  REAL language, of the real working Americans. Once the backbone of America, delegated to second class people!

I have too much time on my hands since I'm unable to work and watch a lot of news shows, not local, national. I have seen countless times guest commentators say things, "like the un-educated people are the ones for Trump," and other such words making fun of we the working class. Like we're ignorant and only the smart educated ones vote counts.

I an older white male have been tired of the all the political correct words for a long time. No one I associate with uses the Politicians politically correct. Millionaires and Lawyers talk differently than REGULAR, COMMON, PEOPLE. Political correctness has gone too fucking far! All minorities have organizations fighting for their individual rights. Who is fighting for the common people? All thru history you had the Kings, Queens and the common people, who literally broke their backs, making a living, raising children, having enough to feed their little ones, THEN the tax man for the King would collect taxes.

I'm not sure I believe these statistics but just last week I read where America is 65% white, 15% black and all the rest make up the rest. So Asia, Spanish, India, Korea and all the other refugees make up the remaining 20%. I question those statistics. My main point is the once dominant hard working poorly educated, are the least thought of. All the minorities get their share of Lawyering up! We, if we are still the majority, should be better represented! The taxes we have paid all our lives was not meant to be freebies for all minorities. I watched a documentary a couple weeks ago about drug addicts in San Francisco. One talked about getting on social security. Say what!!! In general San Francisco seems to attract junkies, homeless and such per that documentary, such a shame. It is one of those sanctuary cities, then the government there, get what they deserve. I'm tired of giving, working all my life for what little social security I draw, and then have Politicians say its a fringe an extra, EXTRA my ass I have paid in all my life, almost 50 years! what I have paid in and what my employers have paid in with interest over 50 years would be a hell of a lot more than what I currently draw.

The Powers That Be, the Lawyers, the highly educated people, have brought us to the mess we are in. They play chess, with us and orchestrate the world. If Hillary Clinton wins which I think she will, then that'll prove what I think. Donald Trump will be as I though the only actor with the ego big enough accomplish what the self anointed Kings and Queens wanted.

I an uneducated white man who has toiled in factories all my life may be silly but I call the other silliness as I see it!


  1. Maybe uneducated, but full of wisdom and good old common sense. EXCELLENT post my friend !!