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Friday, August 26, 2016

Can't sit still!!!

I come to you tonight with a blank brain, having just watched the news. Ha ha ha. I just lost an hour of my life! Why do, I do that? Better still, why do, I do that, every night? ( There sure is a lot of dos in the last two sentences . . . just remember where your at! ) I'm addicted to mental anguish, I suppose. So how about I do something else in the evening. I was fixin'  to mow grass. I took a peek at the radar and it shows NOTHING, no rain anywhere near me. I open my garage door, fill my push mower with gas, there was a most wonderful breeze, even though it was 90 degrees. I was looking forward to mowing some grass ya see, I need the exercise and me old body always feels better afterwards. It be the getting going waking up all my worn out joints, I cannot get in no hurry, I can't!!! I mow for a spell, sit for a spell, read the newspaper and watch the world move at my pace. I use to haf-ta move at the worlds pace, don't haf-ta do that NO more! I have a old fashion rocking chair with webbing, I plant my big arse in it to rest or just study the situation ya see. What be I studying? aw come on people, us-ta be front porches on every house, few had air-conditioning the older retired folks especially grandpa would sit in his rocker on the airy front porch waving away at the people going by and you know what? everybody would wave back because that's what they always have done. Friendly folk retiring to the front porch doing their job as greeters, that's where Sam Walton got the Greeter idea.

I feel a sprinkle, doesn't concern me, I just looked at the radar on the computer. Forecast for this evening was a slight chance for pop up rain. The steady breeze was from the west, felt so good . . . I can't rightly express, how it enhanced my feeling so damn good at that moment. It blew a good mother nature high on the moment. Ya see I'm old and pert-nert shot, mentally and physically. So when them little moments in life thrill me, baby they really thrill me!

I use to attend church with my grandma and grandpa on my daddy's side, poor simple folk. They had been around, been through much in their lives, never got shook up at anything. Although I have seen my grandma get all shook up when the spirit of the Lord leaped in her soul. I have wrote about the Pentecostal religion before. You may be thinkin' "what the hell is that old boy a talkin' about?" Sometimes, well that's not quite right, once in a while, an energy, a presence of goodness, that feels so good you just have to shout, shimmy and shake. Um huh, not rock and roll like old Jerry Lee, but a feel goodness so as you cannot sit in the pew, no more! My grandma was one of them when she felt the power, the goodness, the holy spirit strike, she was rejuvenated. I don't have the words to do justice my friends but I sure am going to try and take you along with my grandma through my eyes and the thrill I received watching her take herself to a new, higher level.

Most of the services I hate to use these words in the little country church out in the hills and hollers, were rather boring dead like. There was singing, testifying, preaching but no chord was hit to take it  higher. But then I say THEN . . . something would click, the energy comes, yes it does, hallelujah! out of no where, like a breeze blowing in from out of the universe, dag-nap it its so darn hard to explain unless you have experienced it. I shall do my best! There has been times in our life when we cannot sit still. Okay some of you may not fully grasp what I be a tryin' to tell ya! Think of a Black Baptist Church with a choir, singing church songs with the feeling that is simple, sweet, special to the heart. Now come on "people you can imagine that, think Blues Brothers, every one is in the groove feeling the power, damn I can feel it as I type it! I'm feeling good!"

Me grandma was a couple hairs over 5 foot, long red hair, worn up. As country looking as your imagination can imagine, Grandpa was over 6 foot, only had one eye. He loved to wear suits he bought second hand. Any way I would be sitting besides grandma and could tell when it was 'bout to happen. She always got into the singing feeling good. But . . . once in a while it'd go beyond just good. When she was beginning to feel real good, her body would start to sway, her feet could not be still, she'd be standing up, hands above her head she had to move, shake, she was happy her body was full of the spirit!!! Every body would be on their feet, singing .They were under a joyful power greater than themselves, a natural glory high! It sure was something to experience let along witness.

I doubt many have experienced such things. All I know is they were happy, no drugs, alcohol. High from life at that moment, if one got started it become contagious. Call it anything you will. Nothing wrong with feeling good about something, anything! Power be it the Holy Spirit, the spirit of a wonderful breeze the kind that happens rarely, The smell and beauty of a summertime rain. Whatever makes one feel good. Dag-nap-it . . . there are times unexplainable happenings that make one just want to shout. Ain't nothin' wrong with that, is there????

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  1. I have almost broken myself from watching the network news, but I still read some news on the internet from some of the alternative news sites.

    You had to mention grass... I need to cut mine, but it has been so hot this summer I try to put it off long as I can.

    I love reading about your grandparents and your experiences when you were younger. Hope you will write these things more often. I suppose I could do that myself too, write about my grandparents. I think I did a time or two.