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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Is this it? Tell me, please . . . it ain't true! I'm begging you! The choice is between the bad and it gets ugly. I can no longer listen to neither of them. I mute the television and just laugh at them. Like watching someone doing skits of them on Saturday Night Live. Then I think, "one will actually hold the highest office in our country, shiver me timbers, can't be, can it?"  

Do you really think either one of them, knows what walking in our shoes for one day, hour, minute is all about? Both have misused their power over people. Clinton name is synonymous with abuse in politics. There is no way Trump could be as wealthy as he is without shady dealings.

The most amazing thing I have noticed about both candidates is no matter what baggage there is, voters believe in their candidate..

I've heard countless times the ones backing Trump are uneducated white men mostly. So that must mean, the educated back Clinton.

Blacks vote for Democrats every election at 80 % per an article I read recently. I find that astonishing! Why is that?

I do love to listen to the guests on news shows. Their opinions pro or con sometimes trigger the last watt in my head. ( 'bout now your thinking WHAT? )

The best part is to remember their opinions, comments, feelings and try looking at it from their perspective.

We older ones have been around for a long time, have witnessed and remember all the bad stuff of our lifetime. Younger ones have no recollection of past history to go on.

As for Donald he has spent a lifetime creating himself, he's not going to change. You love him or hate him for who he is. He gets his highs on being in front of thousands of people, his die-hard fans. He is hung up on himself and the audience glorifies him. There's no place he'd rather be! The world is his stage and he is a super star.

Hillary all she has is the Clinton name, and it is as worn out to most people as she seems to be! She wants to be the first woman president so bad!

I was wondering about the last census and the percentages of the races.

White 63.7%

Black 12.2%

Asian 4.7%

Hispanic 16.3%

I would of thought Blacks would outnumber Hispanics, wouldn't you? I remember reading an article many years ago seems like it was after the 2,000 census reports came out and, the reporter was talking about that the fastest growing race was Hispanics and even gave a time line of when they would overtake the blacks and gave another timeline for the Whites would no longer be the majority.

Well, well, well, that sure is a deep subject. I have had the time to watch many different television news shows and such. Since I have much free time I am trying to learn about Politics. I reckon you can actually get a degree in Political Science. I cannot imagine that, really I cannot!!!!! 

I have come across many interesting, facts from, pollsters, brainiacs, and such. I am an uneducated old man who has a degree in Life Sciences as in living over 60 years and being out there, working for  living, paying taxes, not cheating on my tax returns, obeying the laws, rules of humanity!!!

I consider myself the minority. I have paid, and paid, and paid. When I hear phrases like Sanctuary Cities, it just makes my blood boil. WHY? There would be very little problems with Hispanics coming here if as a country the laws already on the books were enforced!

The laws that I have followed for over 60 years are there for a reason. When government passes the laws then they're the laws of the land. OR at least I thought that's how it used to be! Being the person that I am I would never consider going against them!

Ah! Only the government can make the laws and only the government can decide what laws not to enforce. That must be taught in one of them Political Science classes.

I could go on and on, thankfully I won't! The poor people trying to survive, the uneducated apparently, think in terms of raising our families and getting by. I balance my budget and don't spend more money than I take in. Armies of Lawyers, don't work for me! We the uneducated don't screw the goose that lays the golden egg. Yep! I reckon we the poor people don't understand the Political way.

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  1. I was thinking about this yesterday, that of all the people in this country, somehow it came down to these two as our choices. It doesn't even seem real to me, like we are in the middle of some big cosmic joke. But a lot of things these days seem that way. I think I am just old and this world is not the same as it was when I was coming up. I personally will probably not vote , but either way we will end up with one of the two......maybe. Anything can happen between now and November , and that is a whole other story !