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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Glen-i-fy them

I have many posts started, most of them get erased. Ya see, I may have a thought, a sentence a flash of something, a feeling that's really good at that time. Sometimes it becomes a post, mostly it's gone before I get to my computer. When I use to toil away at the daily grind I could usually tap into the daily emotions, which for me was all over the place. I loved when that happened it just comes out. I must do one hell of a lot of playing around, "priming the pump." I absolutely never know what'll come out of my brain next. I don't try to stay focused, hell I can't. I usually get a good laugh at myself and that makes it worth it.

My days are mundane, same o, same o, ya see. The biggest thrill for me is to have a pleasant day as far as the temperatures goes. I like to ride with my car windows down, smelling all the aromas that mother nature provides. This time of year the corn is fully grown, releasing its own beautiful smell. You would never notice you drive out into the country, with your air-conditioning on. That's as thrilling as my days get, plus my old ticker can no longer stand the challenges of life in the big city. Hahaha, big city I would die if I lived in a big city. I live out here in the heartland outside a city of approximately 35,000. Actually it was country when I moved here, half my lifetime ago. DAMN! seems only yesterday!

Lets look at the week in review. Don't remember anything of any importance, in the on going struggle, and I do mean struggle, to elect a president! Fire them both and let the runners up in both parties have a go at it. We're tired of all the lies and bullshit from both. Neither knows jack about the real people! Rich spoiled brats who's asses get kissed every day!

I believe I know now why my brain doesn't work any more. I am addicted, I find myself watching one of the evening news shows every night. I cannot help myself! I learn nothing it seems. I don't drink, smoke, do drugs. I'm addicted to learning nothing, I need help, this presidential election is killing me!

What is the positive traits of both candidates??????????????????????????????????  DAG-NAP-IT, that has left me wordless..........................................................................

I shall try to hit upon another subject. How about the Olympics, have you watched any?

My personal week in review, boring, uneventful, still alive, mowed some grass, played with my dogs, listen to my wife describe her days. Whoa . . . I see daylight in the swamp! My life's so boring, I can become a piranha and feed off her daily stories. That might just work. Her feelings about things are pretty much the same as mine. I can steal her life and put my own thoughts and color them to my shades. I will feed off her emotions and Glen-I-fy them!

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