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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Good neighbors and more!

Here I sit this is the time I like to fiddle around, hoping some notes come my way. I probably should give up this attempt at writing, seems I have nothing much to say anymore. I play around waiting for the Big Kahuna, the writing God will send a tiny speck of something my way. Ya see the automatic writing thing-a-ma- jig is contagious. When it hits me I can type out a post lickety-split. My fingers and mind work together in ways I never thought possible. My clumsy old arthritic fingers peck away at the keyboard and it is truly exhilarating. I get high, and the best way to keep the mind alert in old age is to keep it active. It may not appear much to you, my friends out there but I do try. My imagination has dropped off considerably and I don't wish to lose what I have left, so every night I spend some time hoping, a few drops of auto pilot writing, something or the other comes out of the deep recesses of my cranial cavity. Surely there lies from past experiences, a lifetime of chaos, order, funny predicaments, my God there's endless possibilities, if I can pull it out. Seems when I was forced to participate in the madness of work and every day activities, my emotions and endless thoughts run amuck. Now I live a simple life where nothing much happens. My brain activity is pretty much on minimal life support. If it wasn't for watching the daily news my few remaining brain cells would wither away. I watch the news but am able to laugh where I use to get mad. I shake my head in disbelief most of the time. I do like seeing people views and what they believe. It gets down right hilarious members of both political parties arguing and defending their candidates. I must keep my mind active, my body shrivels, however if I can keep my mind active I feel I will survive.

I mow my grass for exercise I have a riding mower but choose to mow at least a half hour a day. It has been relatively hot this summer the sweating and mowing seems to help me. I mow as much or as little as I want ya see. My next door neighbor cannot understand and has talked to me about mowing in the hot dog days of summer weather, when the dogs are smart enough to do nothing and lay around in the shade. Not true of my dogs they are in the air conditioning. Damn doesn't make me look too fricking smart does it? I'm out sweating and their lying around in the coolness. I choose to do it, rather than walking for exercise I am productive by pushing my mower. Any how my neighbor mows part of my yard when she is out there mowing her yard, on her riding mower. I'm not going to tell her not to I'm not that dumb!

Just to be thought of and someone going out of their way is so meaningful, so special. Words cannot describe what has been lost in today's selfie world. It warms me in ways un-thought of. We pass each other and wave and smile everyday. It helps an old worn out man get through another day at that simple act of kindness, we sure need more don't we?

While typing the last paragraph I remember a little kind and funny incident that happened not all that long ago I use to visit a certain convenient store all too often to get a sugary soda, don't do that any more! I have always opened doors for people, a habit still done but not a lot. I had my big gulp death in a big ass cup, headed to the door when a young woman opened the door for me, a mighty kind gesture I'm thinking. Then a thought passed, I must be getting old when young people are opening the door for me. It was the kindness shown that helped make my day, even though I'm getting old!

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  1. Be careful in the heat, but at the same time the exercise is good for you if you know when to take a break and sit in the shade with a cold drink.

    I understand the whole thing about the automatic writing as I used to do quite a lot of it myself but lately I struggle to come up with anything and when I do, it doesn't sound the way I want it to sound.

    I am glad that you keep plugging away though. I enjoy reading your blogs. You are really the only one I read all of the time , so thank you for not giving up completely.

    I laughed about your thought when the young lady opened the door for you as the same thing went through my mind lately. It seems like suddenly all these young people are calling me "sweety" at the checkout line . I was thinking that it sounded like they were talking to a child or a little old lady. Well, I am not a child so... hahaha! Oh well, I am learning to accept my white hairs !