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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I Shall Overcome!

Some day I just want to stay in bed, I feel no pain in my dreams ya see. I live inside my dreams, whether it be leaping tall buildings with a single bound, or flying like a bird over the country free as one can be. I have many dreams about flying like a bird. I find my body turning into a giant hawk my arms become wings my, body completes the transformation and it is the most satisfying beautiful part of my reoccurring dreams.

I also have dreams where I just float upwards like a balloon, I go where the breeze wills me, sometimes just over the rooftops, above the power lines. My first dream of this type found me up, up, and away higher and higher. I felt no cold something protected me, I did not worry or ask why? I simply enjoyed the moments actually hours floating viewing the countryside from a different perspective. Floating above ball players having fun after dark, the lights seem so spectacular. Shopping centers seem so clean I could not see the trash that people leave behind. Flying over the interstate was a sight to behold, car lights go on forever. Seeing my city looking so small from high above. The view from just above the trees to high above made me feel so free, so alive, no fear, the highest highs, of my life. Shame it's only a dream! Hey I'm convinced its the dream state that has kept me alive in time of troubles, Mother Dream comes to me, giving me dreams of wisdom, soothing  I escape in ways not possible in real life.

The most reoccurring dream I have is, I always find myself trying to get back home to the house I currently live in. Obstacles of monumental proportions seem to keep that from happening. The house I grew up in from about 6 to 17 years of age is more prevalent than the other house I have lived in. There is a tie to this house that prevents me to coming home, where I wish to be.

Obstacles of every day plight to evil forces surrounding my neighborhood, baggage created by my father. Really dark forces, I mean REALLY DARK FORCES enters in a few of the dreams. Nightmares of sorts, but I'm able to overcome them.

Most of my dreams are really good dreams, I can do anything, like play guitar, sing, always interesting. My only regrets is that I cannot transfer the emotions actually the dream itself into the computer at the time I have it. What remains after I wake up, just for a short spell is soon gone. I do remember some more vividly than others. I believe that is the reoccurring dreams staying fresh.

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