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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I Should A Known Better!!! (Part One)

I sucked up my fear of Dentists Thursday after a couple weeks of pain, I gave in. I love peanuts especially the trail mix kind. Not too long ago in a galaxy far away,   (Sorry about that, that was where my mind went so I took you there!) Not too long ago maybe three weeks or could of been two days ago the way time is in my daily life. Non the less I have not had any peanuts in a while.  I chomp down on them like a pig to slop! (Yikes! I seem a bit silly this morning must be the antibiotics and pain meds.) I ate the whole bag several ounces, should a known better! Never one to be known for thinkin', if it feels good do it! That was in my younger days, now well you get the picture! Now I'll take, satisfaction, pleasure, any good feeling any time I can get it. The trail mix taste better than a $30.00 prime rib, umm, umm good! Lost a tooth not too long ago from popcorn, don't you just hate it when, you're watching a good movie eating popcorn and Lordy! An un-popped kernel, bringeth tears to your eyes, can't even say the f word! Well this one done some real damage! That sucker was loose and I decided I'll leave it alone for a few days, to see what happens and you know how much I love Dentists!!! It kept getting looser, I kept my tongue working on it, not intentionally, I'd find my tongue massaging it and tell it "to stop!" Just like children, they do the opposite of what you tell them! I was eating a few days later and that damn tooth just came right out of there! Yes it did! I said "Damn! probably just saved $500.00 and some discomfort."

So my latest go round eating things that us old people probably should not a even be eating. I have been eating nice soft food like, apple sauce, mash potatoes, you know soft food. I believe them almonds, (sometimes I feel like a nut some times I don't!)  sorry 'bout that!  I find myself under the influence of too much apple sauce, I mean a couple extra meds.

I have a bridge on my right side, from habit that's where I chomp away on hard foods such as peanuts. Broke the back side of my bridge and the side of the tooth behind. Well, everybody knows, a broken bridge is not good. I began the fretting of having to go see a Dentist. Done went and destroyed me bridge and the tooth beside it. I be in a world of shit now!

Should a known better, yes I should a!!!

The tooth behind the bridge has a filling in it, too much thinkin' can get one, especially an old fart like me in trouble!

With the insurance we have today, not too good, We have a $6,000.00 deductible, just a few years ago it was $500.00. Obama has done wonders for us the lower middle class working people ain't he?

Okay, now where was I? So I broke me little bridge from a hard nut, most likely one of them hard ass almonds, the filling is still intact in the other one and the bridge seems to be holding up okay.  (Notice how I started the last sentence off with okay and ended it with okay!) No real rush, right? So naturally I put it off too long! Woke up one morning with blood on me pillow and the side of my mouth, I thought "what the hell?" The filling had come out, oh shit!

Should a known better, yes I should a!

What I'm about to tell you is a true story that happened in the town I live and grew up in, it was on the front page of our newspaper. A Dentist from one of them national chain Dental offices, was working on an older man in his fifties, pulling a tooth, apparently the man had a bad infection and the Dentist had to pull several more than any one expected. The wife wondered what was taking so long and checks on her husband, she saw blood everywhere, and she 'bout has a heart attack. She calls 911 and takes him to the hospital, yep what do you think 'bout that?

So I be a fretting about fixing my little bridge and the tooth behind it and you just know . . . their gonna find plenty of other work on this old fart that has not taken good care of his teeth. I be a sweating it and putting' it off.

Okay here is the quandary I was in. Do I put a shit-pot full of $'s in an old man's teeth or do I just yank them suckers, all of them. I thought about it and thought a whole lot more.

Should a known better, yes I should a!

Whilst I be doing all this thinkin', not only did I get a headache, I got a toothache, and my sinus's we're rebelling! Now I decided it be the right time to go see Mr. Dentist.  TOO CONTINUE!


  1. Oh goodness, I kind of laughed because you have a way of taking something like this and making it so funny, but then I cringed imagining the pain and the blood and the money !! Anxiously awaiting part two. Don't know what happened, but I see your survived hahaha :-)

  2. I sure hope you are okay. It's been three weeks since you have been here :-(