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Friday, September 9, 2016

Head out the window of life.

How you doing? I did not watch the Matt Lauer interview with the two Presidential want-a-bees. No sir-ree! I could not make myself do it!

The corn is turning brown, the days are shorter, seems summer just gets started and fall is upon us. I took a ride out into the country today with my sidekick  Tigger (Rambo) all 4 pounds of him. There is this one spot where corn covers all four sides at a stop sign. From green to brown it is a sight to behold. Then the farmer picks it and the fields look so empty. The ground has done its job giving life for countless people. It's magical if you really think about it. May finds planting of a small kernel in the soil with proper moisture it grows to 7 foot tall, in just a few months. If that's not something, I don't know what is!

Since springtime I like to take a little ride everyday. I row the windows down and enjoy the fresh air. I'm like Tigger he has his head stuck out the window the wind in his hair. Other the other side I take in the goodness of simple pleasures. Even on hot days the breeze keeps us cool, a cold ice tea also helps, he has his own ice water, whoo-wee, were good baby!

I mow grass most every day. Tigger sits in the car my Mom's old Monte Carlo our favorite riding around in vehicle. I park it under a shade tree and he watches as I work. He has the life doesn't he, all he has to do is look cute, whilst the ugly must do the work. Haha!

Animals are so special, literally life savers to ones with special needs. I've read and watched many amazing stories about the bonding and saving of lives by our friends of the furry kind.

I find it impossible to stay on one subject, but those of you that tune in regularly know that, don't you. My mind don't whirl as fast as it used to, the old motor needs rebuilt, but what's left of it will have to do until the rebuild into my next go round. Do we reincarnate, hell I don't now, don't care do you? Do we go to a beautiful white house in the sky? Do we visit the deeps of hell? Questions, questions, questions? Always questions but no answers! Some make a mighty fine living producing answers. Do they really know? I don't think so! I live by the answers felt by my soul and my heart. For there lies where we have to live.

Not a moment of wisdom but seriousness in that last paragraph. I shall try to stay away from that, takes too much energy!

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  1. I miss those cornfields back home. I guess growing up there, I didn't appreciate them, but there is beauty all around, even in the cornfields. I will actually be up that way next Friday to attend a memorial service for my aunt. She is the last of my dad's siblings to pass away. I guess my siblings and my cousins are next in line !!!

    I like your humor, and I like your seriousness, and I like when you write about the everyday things in your life like your little Rambo and the cornfields.

    Just keep writing, anything, everything. It's all good to me :-)