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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Laugh along with me!

Can't sleep so thought I would try and type a little somethun, somethun. I will warn you Just like I used somethun, I absolutely love to play around with the spelling of wurds. "Why?" Thanks for askin'. I haven't the foggiest idee. Welll that's not entirely true. Once again I remind you I have a sisnificant hearing loss. I've had hearing problems all my life. Didn't know I did, till I did not pass the hearing test in school. So the school sent me to the Doctor, Doctor give me the news.

(Sorry a wee funny, well at least to me, reminds me of an old song, please bear with me as I feel a mite wild, lack o sleep I reckon!) Cannot be lack o sleep I sleep more now than ever!

The family Doc. was an old Army Doctor, no fancy, smancy tests back then. This is when they give you a shot for everything, he checks my ears and did a verbal hearing test with his back turned. Thank God no shot, said "some hearing loss, but okay, recommend to sit up front in class." So every hearing test it was the same o same o.

Dad burn it, I lost my train o thought, talkin' about the hearing shite! Where the hell was I? Oh wasn't talkin' 'bout nothin' no how!

Had me a good day if-fin I took out having the shits! You know the diarrhea thing-a-ma- bob. Wow that'll sure clean you out! Hahaha. This just proves I'll talk about anything, maybe I should be a Political Advisor!

Let me tell you what I witnessed the other day. I was at the grocery store and watch a little old lady come out of the store in one of them scooter carts for people that you know have problems with walking, back, whatever. Anywhoo, I watch her while I was writing down my grocery list. She drives to the back of her van unloads her groceries, then she takes off the front part of her scooter, then she takes off the seat. So we have like one third of a scooter left, she picks, what remained up and places it in the van. Yes she did! I kid you not! I was in shock! Now I'm no expert in people scooters but damn! This part had the battery, and batteries to run that ain't light! Let's imagine for a minute, please imagine along with me. If the scooter weighs say 100 pounds and she reduces it by half, I cannot see an old lady, especially with some kind of affliction picking up half, can you. Lets take it a wee further, say what's left weighs 35 pounds. Dead weight, placing it in the van, well she's still a pretty good old lady I'd say!

I'd like to see what she bought in the grocery store and ask her what she eats. I would start eating whatever super food she's on. She can't have a back problem, or heart trouble. "Yikes" is all I can say!!!

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  1. I have been so busy I have several of your blogs to catch up on .

    I laughed when you said you would write about anything. I have a story about "sh**" myself that I was thinking of writing and maybe I will. I thought it was hilarious, but sort of hesitated to put it in a blog, but now I think I will if I ever find time.

    That old lady must be eating her spinach or her wheaties or something !