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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Odontophobia! (Crikey)

I come to you today in great pain, I have never written before with such a jaw, sinus headache type pain. I should go to bed but don't wanna! I put off going to Doctors as much as possible especially the Dentist. I have a fear of Dentist, you see. No . . . I really do! Odontophobia is what it's called I think. I prefer I hate the Dentist. Scraping, drilling, pushing, with strangers sticking their hands in your mouth, gives me the hee-bee-gee-bees! I come from a very poor family and at a time when Dentistry was not practiced like it is today, preventatively I mean. There was a Army Dentist called Dr. Pushor, well he'd just jerk that bad tooth out whilst my parents held me down. Yep! that's my first experience at Dentistry! They didn't even give me a shot of whiskey, like on the westerns before surgery! HA HA!  I may be exaggerating a little but very primitive unlike today. Luckily I brushed my teeth regularly after that, and was good until about the age of 22, as best as I can recollect. Had another tooth pulled. In todays world of perfect teeth and prevention this seems so archaic, but poor people did things differently, why? because they knew no better and did not have insurance. My Momma wore dentures by the age of 30. My Daddy was missing a few teeth, some were pulled by old Dr. Pushor and some were knocked out from Bar fights.

(It were a different time in my hometown and  bar fights be another story, I hope I don't forget to write about!!!)

Golly . . . where was I headed? Perfect teeth, although hugely important was not number one, because of money and insurance, lack of, you see! (No Obamey Caring back then, you know!!!)

Dad-burn-it-all-to-hell, forgot once again what I was going to say!

I tried taking care of my teeth, well in my later twenties because my Momma lost her teeth I decided to go see a Dentist regularly, found me a new one just in town and done the works. I needed several things done and since I had first rate insurance I said "let's do it right!" Took right good care of my teeth, yes I did!

You know there is nothing quite like a person, well a woman with a nice smile and beautiful teeth. She smiles and you see them pearlie whites shining, just looks so nice1

 My family the older ones had no teeth, wore dentures, or when they smiled it was frightening. watching.

Never stopped them at supper time, they'd be gumming or two teething the corn bread and beans!

Several years back this whitening of teeth become the craze. I've seen women news anchors, opening their mouths so wide with them sunny bright smiles, that's all I could see, especially if they had dark skin. On my old tube television I would never of noticed that, but when with my new big screen high resolution television, damn, baby!!!

Had me a point when I began this little ordeal in writing, lets see I started off, let me go back and check because I did forget. It's not old age, it's just the way my mind really works and it has slowed down immensely in the last several years. It burnt out long ago!

Pain, dental phobia, as in  O-DON'T-FUCK-WITH-ME-A-PHOB-I-A! I mean Odontophobia, that be a mouth full ain't it?  There is more I was a gonna write a, but I'm going to the Dentist tomorrow and I'll keep you posted.

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  1. As I read this I felt my toes curling. Hahaha

    Dentistry has come a long way, so no reason people should experience any pain when going to the dentist. But they DO experience a lot of pain when they get the bill !!