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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Rage at McD's Drive Thru

First this is a true story that I witnessed happening right in front of me on Sunday.  I pull up to the please take my order speaker, waited, waited, waited, there was two lanes in which to take orders, but nobody a helpin' me. Finally I said "is anybody in there?" Still didn't acknowledge, several seconds later I hear a person, ("yeah, yeah!") I'm thinking. One of my pet peeves is to not be acknowledged! If they'd said "please hold" acknowledging my existence, no problem. Well any way, that's not the problem all I wanted was an ice tea, if I had any glimpse into what was about to unfold, I would of brought my own drink and popcorn, to the show, yes I woulda! Finally the little speaker comes alive and I order my tea. I see a car from the other lane pull in front of me, it stops at the first window and waits for someone to take her money. After a while I think to myself "pull up to the first window lady ain't nobody home!" Sure-nuff, Jimmy mus-ta went home early. I pull on up behind the soon to be show, as it's about to start. "There short handed" I say to myself, all I want is a ice tea I shoulda went to B. K.. It sure was taking a long time!  "Hey, I got no schedule to keep, after all I'm retired."  The show is about to begin.

I see food and drinks being handed into the car, I reckon they're done, then I see an arm trying to knock on the window, the arm was too short, so the woman opened her door and knocked on the window, she was holding a large French fry and jibber-jabbering, I just figured by the looks of the fries she was not satisfied with the amount, after all if you up size you want all your French fries!

 "My mind wanders away for a second, remembering once I only got 7 chicken nuggets for a 10 piece order." ( The reason I say this is "it ain't no big fricking deal, I sure as hell don't want their job, mistakes happen, I ainna, gonna, get all riled up over 3 pieces of nuggets! )

So I see the French fries going back thru the window and a new full bag comes back. "Yeah! Yeah! I'm gonna get my ice tea!" Sadly no! I see finger pointing from the woman ahead of me in a loud voice which I could not hear, because I'm hard o hearing. Actually I did not need to hear it, watching told the story, I was filling in the blanks. Remember this whole exercise is taking an unreal amount of time, especially considering she was the only one in front of me. I'm laughing to myself, then I hear horns honking behind me, "oh shit, road rage at McD's drive thru, they'll think it's me and I'm just watching the show!" From out of the back seat two doors open with semi-adults of 15 or 16 years of age they start hollering profanities, if looks could kill, lets just say every one in the drive-thru lane would be toast, ready for the jar to put their ashes in. The woman was giving the drive-thru person hell, pointing at him, shaking her head like some do emphasize her point, speaking loud and you can figure out the words being used, her children was using them, looking back at the ones waiting for a Big Mac. So the un-lady like lady is giving the worker hell, cussing having a conniption fit, her children are hollering out their open doors using such language I held my hands over my dog's ears.  About now I'm thinkin "Is this ever going to end?" The worker tired of the verbal tirade, shut the window, then the woman threw a drink at the window, and FINALLY moves away! Here she was worried about a few fucking French fries and she threw a drink at the window. I pull up after I swear 15  minutes of my life wasted for a glass of ice tea. I had the exact change ready for my tea, wanting to grab it and get the hell out of there. The woman in the car ahead of me was still in the parking lot, "oh shit!"

I'm glad I live in a small quiet town and not Chicago! I could of been tomorrows headline 'Old Man Shot At Drive-thru Waiting For Ice Tea.'

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  1. You know Glen, it is funny, but really not. What is wrong with people these days anyway ?? The least little thing sets them off. Rather scary...

    Glad you finally got your tea though haha :-)