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Friday, June 24, 2016

Common Sense Gun Control

Common sense gun legislation---- yeah right! The House came to a stop Wednesday, imagine that! Democrats took over the floor, brought our civilized politicians our fine highly paid, excellent benefits, world of law making, get nothing accomplished as we know it, to a standstill. They're probably jealous at all the attention Hillary and Donald are getting, why not further show their true colors to the American people.

Hope We The People aren't paying for their overtime, they cost too much the way it is!

One representative talking last night said, "we're trying to get common sense gun legislation passed."

That's never going to happen! To start with you must have people with common sense. I've seen little common sense out of politicians any time, past or present, let alone this season of  the Reality Politician show. Waayyy too much reality for me!

I'm quite simply, a simple old man from a simple upbringing of being a simple boy, and young man. Common sense was what we depend on. Common sense and simple means the same, don't it?

If we the simple, common man, who's poor in education and dollars, could be in charge with common man sense, hey let's not forget the women, so let's call it, common Joe and Josephina sense. You think it don't take sense to raise families with today's wages!

It takes a hell of a lot of common sense, good parents to raise a family, most likely both will have to work to keep a float. Takes two strong willed, strong backs, with good common sense, values. These kind of people have common sense, core values. Sadly with everything against these type people today these values are disappearing, too damn many obstacles. There's no wonder the common, middle class is dying off.

There's never going to be any common sense gun legislation that'll truly make an impact, sheesh some of the toughest gun cities have the highest death rates.

I have never understood why an average citizen would need an assault rifle, with large magazines.

Too many factors at play for our legislators to pass meaningful legislation. there's so many other problems that need fixed. No they would rather make it appear like they're really doing something.

Seems, drugs, hate, culture, race, religion, sex, mental illness, a whole lot of other reasons are at play here.

What would happen if assault weapons are banned? Those weapons would still be bought like drugs, illegally.

Placing a Band-Aid over a severed artery won't help much.

Where are the heroes when most needed? There's no simple fixes. Politicians talk a lot, some I believe have a heart and maybe common sense, I said maybe! Corruption along with money corrupt even the best of the best. Real life and the Real Reality show we live in, is not like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. That's an old movie that still underlines the goings on behind the scenes.

To me it's not just about the gun control, it's far greater. I could rant forever I won't do that to you! We as a nation we have many problems, seems none ever get solved.

The finest minds money can buy, fail to do anything, about anything1 I reckon that last sentence sums up everything in a nutshell to this old, country boy, at he end of his life.

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