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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Sweet Smell of Honeysuckle and More

Hello there! It's the Big Blooper! Sorry, I just write down whatever comes out, good or bad. In case you're wondering "why my posts have so much different shit in them," I'll just explain it to you, by the way thanks for asking! I may sit down for a few minutes and purge whatever comes out. I may do this several times over many days, it ain't pretty but it's me.

Remember I do the stream of consciousness writing whatever that is? I do jump around and cannot stay on one subject. I try not to be too serious and find some humor.

Well, well, well, is there anything to write about that has not been said a gazillion times? That's about the size of the debt of the good ol' U.S. OF A.

Another Memorial Day has come and gone, seems like only a year ago we celebrated the last one! HA-HA-A For the first Memorial Day ever I did not grill, Just didn't want to, so I didn't. Use-ta always go on a nice ride, didn't do that either. "Why not?" I heard someone ask, or maybe it was inside my head I don't know!


Holds yer hat on I be 'bout to go sille, on ya! I gonna have me some fun!

Once upon a time, I qwestioned everythang, had to make sense out-ta shit, that just don't make any cents at all. Well . . . well meaning folk would say, "you cannot dwell upon it, you'll go crazy!"
Now I surely understand, I done been crazy, and come back around to be a Senior Citizen. Now . . . I be a askin' "y'all out there is that good or bad?" I'm plum complexed, yes I am. I do not qwestion things I use-ta qwestion because it doeth me no good, I use-ta get a headache whilst I thought upon the unsolvable. So many things in life be unsolvable. Nary a man, let along a whole country is smart enough to figure things out. These people be educated to the max and they so damn intellectually, ideologically, theoretically, theologically smart, or ure they?


We now return you to the normalcy of whatever Glenview is?

I'm sitting outside temperature in the lower 80's a nice steady breeze, the sweet smell of honeysuckle fills the air. At this point my eyes are closed, lazily in my swing enjoying the moment with, the kind of peace rarely found. Mind drifts to past times, places, memories, all good, no body aches, reliving a younger me! Daydreaming I do believe would explain the moments I was lost, yet found in a blissful montage of many real life experiences. I slowly return to the real world, it did take some time, because the same senses that led to the beautiful experience was still around, the breeze the smell of honeysuckle.

I feel good mentally, my body feels like hell! Could not get that sucker in gear, no way, shape or form! No way, no how! I take a wee ride over to Burger King for tea and nuggets, damn! what the hell is a wrong with me?

Did not want to go in the house, too nice a day, to do nothing. I piddle around doing a few simple chores, nothing to raise a sweat, gosh darn it! what is wrong with me? Along toward late evening I did mange to mow some grass and do a little weed eating. Damn it! was a rough day!

What have I learned today? Not diddly-squat!!!

What is my saying for today? I'm retired who gives a rats ass whether I do anything or not!

Hey as long as my spouse is happy then "I'm plum tickled to death!"

I reckon seniors are around for their gray hair!

All the thinking, for all them years is why seniors lose their hair, their minds. The dark hair of youth, turns gray, you lose a lot of hair, some go almost bald. Natural hair color were once synapses firing away like the newest computers brain, with them depleted and now on minimal brain support we seniors live out the life of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons, we cannot find the humor in the new ones.


1 comment:

  1. I think there is a LOT of wisdom in this post.

    I haven't seen or smelled honeysuckle since I moved from South Carolina. I miss that smell in the warm summer breeze.

    You know what? You ARE retired, so you do what you want when you want to (or when the wife wants you too haha). This is YOUR time and you don't answer to any boss these days so enjoy that scent of honeysuckle and daydream and reminisce all you want. You've earned it.