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Friday, May 27, 2016

Is this, It?

Day after day, the same O . . . same O . . ., simply tires one out. An old song by Brenda Lee just come to mind, well just a few of the words, the title, tells it all. "Is that all there is?" Sure seems to be much meaning, in those simple words. I look at my life at this moment thinking, rather, asking myself those same words. "Is that all there is?" At the closing of one's life, you want to look back, and find meaning. A lifetime of living means little, without some wisdom mixed in. Wisdom at the end of your life seems, too late!

Just living surviving another day to be able to take care of yourself without being a burden to any one is monumental! But still those words won't stay away. "Is that all there is?"

In moments of wisdom striking the unused vastness of your brain, you tell yourself "shoulda, coulda, if only, a million things, if only I'd done more, better, differently, smarter.

The brashness of youth fills the body, of a finally, grown man. Too young to know, too old to learn. "schoolin' is done." If you'd only knew, it's yet to start!

Get a job, factories everywhere. Work like everyone else, live a little. Advice from older relatives seems wise, but "their another era."

There'll be no more great depressions, times are good, man on the moon, how can one lose?

Alcohol takes best friend at a early age, death by the feel good, drown my sorrows, in a bottle, so sad, pays the ultimate price. At least it was only him, no one else. So may innocent ones leave us every day, sadness all around the world,

Work, play, seeking that special woman, get married, you know what was expected, the reason for life, plant seeds and watch 'em grow, cultivating, weeding, presto their grown.

Times change sure, has to! Differences, generation to generation are commonplace, called finding your way, experiencing, learning, growing mentally, emotionally, we find our path, hopefully the last generation has instilled some good ol' green grass of wisdom, amongst the many weeds in life.

There'll be many trials and tribulations to conquer, even if you try not to rattle any chains. Must not let these chains bind, not even for a minute, for they'll fester, believe me I know about the festering of chains. I'm still breaking free, some locked on in my formative years. We don't know, when we're forming, chiseling daily, our own, unique, piece of stone.

Too young to know, only to experience and learn all senses firing. Beyond the senses lies emotions, some pricks that harm in ways, you can't pull out to heal. Sad so sad, pricks grow and fester, can't be healed, know not how.

Life ain't easy, no manuals nor blueprints for the parents. If you're lucky enough to have one good parent in the world of today, you may make it. Far too many children making do with what God has given them. Not the children's fault, DAMN!!! The cycle continues worsening, too little family values, any. Grandparents trying to help out, sometimes taking the children while the parent, their son or daughter is destroying themselves, while ruining the next generation. The children think, they know, yes they know! Children are smarter than adults, their little senses and emotions are trying to process their surroundings!

For those of you that don't understand where I'm coming from, I envy you!

This post started with me feeling sorry for myself, at this point in my life. Well know don't feel sorry for old Glen! Feel for the ones being born to mothers and fathers that are incompetent from the beginning. It takes the best of parents, grandparents, providing all the time and guidance and way more!!!

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  1. I think we all go through that questioning "Is this all there is?" . I seem to do it more often the older I get and it is a regular topic of conversation with my best friend. We never seem to come up with any good answers though :-)