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Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I keep on practicing my typing, even though my speed never improves! They say "practice makes perfect" or something like that! I could practice forever and still never be perfect! I do it for the fun anyhow. If-un you want perfection don't tune in to Glenview, no sir! I quack myself up sometimes, and if I can give y'all an occasional grin, chuckle, or just a shakin' of your head then I'm as happy as a pig in slop!

Oh my God, I quacked myself up at that old pig, slop saying. This is why I thought it to be funny are you ready? I thought "I bet most people don't know what slop is." No, no, no, not sloppy Joe's as in Manwich. Sheesh I bet most of y'all don't know what Manwich is, yikes!! I can see I opened up a can o worms for myself! Okay! I shall explain first the sloppy Joe's Manwich thing-ma-bob.

Manwich, I don't want to know nothing, about what is really in it. Oh heavens can they sue me. Hell all I have is a buck, 2.95! How much is that? Hell I don't know, that's another of one of them old sayings I had to listen to as a kid!

I've lost my train of thought, I'll have to wait until I hear the train go by my house! Whoo, whoo, right on schedule! Is it train or trane, damn! watching too much television rots the brain, now add in a lot o medicine to keep me going and the old person phase I happen to be stuck in, there's no hope for Glen. Please excuse the person at the keyboard, he knoweth not what he sayeth, or doeth!!!

I love going to A and W root beer and ordering their coneys. You know, a hot dog, on a hot dog bun with ground beef and special seasoning. You know I thought this explaining of the slop thing would of been a tad easier but no!!! Oh by the way I also love root beer!

Slop for pigs is anything leftover after your breakfast, dinner, or supper, yes sir, would I lie to you. I'm a expert on this subject because my grandfather and uncle always raised their own hogs fer, fer, fer . . . food in their freezer. Them little pigs loovveedd sweet stuff, you know donuts, breads, cakes and such. Enough info about slop, how I do get carried away sometimes!

Seems I was talking about something in the first paragraph. "I know, I know" said the teachers pet. Properness never improves, arouns here. ( If you don't know it can't improve it! ) If I'm illiterate that means I cannot read or write, right? Sometimes I do get, ill a tryin' to put properness in. I just go with it, hoping anybody that reads my humble words are not English Majors.

I am literate, I can read, and I can right cursive or is that write cursive, just took my meds I be feelin' a mite loony, and I do know a heap o cuss words. Now where the problem comes in, is all them rules and such. Apparently I was absent when that was discussed, because I don't remember any of the rules. I could blame that on old age, being as how that was many presidents ago. Finishing high school was a way to get a good paying factory job, wayyy back then.

Times sure have changed since we said the pledge of allegiance. They don't do that anymore do they?

I'm hard of hearing and always use the close captioning. Funny thing is a computer apparently
interprets the dialogue. I see so many mistakes, it sure as hell doesn't help my writing right, one bit! It's bad enough I have hearing trouble, add the mistakes of the captioning, sheesh! I don't stand a chance!

Sometimes the highly educated news people use words I do not recognize. Everything seems to be against me in this writing endeavor. Yet I plug away, and as long as I'm having fun, even if I'm the only one quacking up. I will keep on trying. I'm like the little train that thinks he can
only I'm too stupid to know I can't

I do love playing with words, so I'm going to play around with a word or two. Hope you don't mind?

I heard the word BLOVIATE, sounds like someone with a hangover upchucking! Yes, I was watching the news and the host was talking about politics. Makes sense now don't it? It's easy to understand as to whom he was referring to right?

BLOVIATE = Talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.

Slang to discourse at length in a pompous or boastful way.

The first three letters seem to set the stage for the rest of the word! Blo-, add pompous, boastful, you know who it is don't you? Blowhard also comes to mind.

Well I reckon that's enough for today boys and girls, please stay tune as I attempt the impossible. If Hillary OR Donald can become president there's hope for me to learn to write . . . nah!


  1. I hope you keep playing around with words , I laughed so hard when you said what you thought Bloviate sounded like !!

    You always manage to give me a good chuckle in the morning my friend. Thanks !

  2. PS: I knew what pig slop was, and manwich, and I recognize the old sayings you bring up since I grew up in the same era and the same area :-)

  3. Thanks, I have been trying to get back in the groove like I was several years ago, many things have changed but I want dearly to get back to where I once was. Glen