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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Much to do about Nothing . . . and more!

I like that title, don't know where I'm going to go yet, but that be the wonderment of yet. I guess along with you.

I have been outside push mowing some grass. sheesh with as much rain as we have been getting I could mow every day, if the damn ground was dry enough. I like to mow about 30 minutes a day for exercise, old Glen needs his exercise, yes he does!

I take several blood pressure medicines, they sure slow me down. I force myself to do anything, that's quite a challenge in itself.

Body says "just stay in that easy chair, you don't have to do a thing!"

Mind says "get up, do something you'll feel better!"

So I'm outside mowing grass and today it was humid I'd reckon, with them bugs biting me, I hate them. Makes you wonder how such small bugs could ever bug you through a shirt. Is that why their called bugs, because that is their job to bug us humans? ( Sons-a-bitching biting buggers any way!!! )

Body says "see I told you to stay in that chair, you would not be sweating!"

Mind says "don't listen you need exercise, mowing a little grass everyday is good for you."

Body says "you need to get some of them chocolate marijuana bars from Colorado, after all they are the Rocky Mountain high state!"

Mind says "mind over matter, don't matter what your body is saying listen to the mind."

I do believe some marijuana would help us old folks, "what the fuck is it gonna hurt!?" Is it going to make me forgetful and, my mind cloudy! Shite . . . I been like that for a long time, more so since my last hospital stays. You read right I was not out but three days and had to go to the big city hospital. This here dope needs me some dopamine for the brain, make 'er fire on all cylinders till uncle Grimm cometh for me.

There is good medicines that would help us old ones from the many aches and pains of growing old but others people and the so called Doctors have over prescribed, so we're left to suffer until we die. Being honest, and obeying the laws, working for a living, doing the right thing sucks!!!

Honesty is the best policy, is that right, then I've been fucked my entire life!

I'm mad as hell at the stupidity of trying to live another day! The Doctors, one leads to another to another, before you know it you're juggling Doctors and are taking so much medicine, you want to give up, why?

Sure as hell don't seem worth yet, then you watch the evening news or try to find an entertaining show on television.

You desperately want to get back into writing something worthwhile. You go back and read some of your earlier posts and it doesn't seem like that was you. My mind is stuck searching for that spark of short stories to become another Flame, but it doesn't. I need that desperately to re-ignite to make my mind take over and live for the writing, I must, I need, I will survive!!

I sure as hell would rather have 5 years of quality life than 10 years of what I have most days!

All the medicines I take have sucked me into the legal drug cartel. I certainly see why people get sucked into the drugs like heroin. Trouble is there is no backing off, their hooked!

I was hooked once on a prescribed drug called prednisone. I felt wonderful for the week I took those little pills. So I suffer knowing we old people must suffer the growing old pains, that I have no doubt on my mind would be available if all theses wonder drugs was not abused by hustlers, lazy asses that we have in society.    THAT'S ALL FOR TODAY FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Well it may have been "nothing" but I thoroughly enjoyed this post Glen :-)