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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hello . . . It's ME!

You probably knew that though!

What is the deal with these ugly looking glasses of the sixties, you know these super nerdy, ugly son-of-a-bitching ones. Most are black and . . . and . . . and . . . STUPID! WHY? . . . I say . . . why? Would any person in their right mind buy, and wear them especially, women? Beats the fleas off me!!! You take a fine looking woman commentator who is say a lawyer and put her in them glasses of stupidity, no matter what she's saying, I can't get passed the nerd glasses. The men are no better but you know, I just looove to look at pretty women on my news show.  Take Megyn Kelly for example, she be one fine woman very pleasing to my old eyes, also a different hair style entirely of her own, that wow-za! Put them nerd glasses on her and I'd have nightmares for a week. I just don't get it at all! An old age thing I suppose!

Did you see where the Prez sent two Raptor fighter planes to I believe Ukraine, he's gonna put on a little show of his own after two Russian fighter planes buzzed a Navy ship. Putin be laughing in his vodka!

He also is sending 250 soldiers, advisors? to help in Syria. Gonna fix that situation hey!?!?

How you doing wherever you be?

I wonder if other parts of the world is interested in what's happening in the new hit show, American Politics. I do get a few good laughs every night. It is a comedy right?

I did get quite a chuckle at John Boehner calling Ted Cruz Lucifer. That was a good one alright!

You know since I changed my attitude about politics and looking for it to make sense, I don't get mad and shake my head, I find it to be the funniest reality show I've ever seen, yes-sir I do, plum fucking hilarious!!!

I was flipping stations, trying to find something interesting a documentary or something to entertain my mind, I wish I wasn't flipping stations or at least never stopped on this channel! The show if I remember correctly was Shahs of Beverly Hills. """Say what?""" Hey don't leave me now! Within the first 10 seconds of watching, it showed two guys kissing!!! I'm thinking, well you can read my mind on that! I was watching the show Scandal a couple weeks ago and the very same thing. So why does television feel the need to go where they've not gone before, when perhaps 95% of us are straight.   

One thing that is for sure, does not matter what the common man and woman want, we sure as hell are not going to get it.

I watch bits and pieces of television shows, few peak my interest. I have much time on my hands and watch more television than I should. I do occasionally find something interesting.

Naked and Afraid, what? yep, there is such a show! I kid you not! I did watch one, just to see what it was all about. Well they create a catchy title Naked and Afraid. A stupid show brought to you by stupid people!

There is many shows about housewives of  L. A. and other cities, who cares? Rich, spoiled, women who sure as hell are not like anybody I know. Get real!!!

I could go on and on but you see my point!


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  1. My daughter who is 24 just got new glasses and they are those nerdy kind. I guess that is the style again. She looks good in them too, but I don't think I would pick that style if I got glasses.