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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kind a funny!

Haven't done much all week, hell haven't done much all winter, hell don't have to do nothin', soo I don't do nothin'! That's what retardation is all about  right?

( Just having some fun with you, retirement instead of retardation, oops . . . what is the political, correcto mundo? Mentally challenged I reckon, hells fire, everybody be mentally challenged somewhat, just venture out, anywhere, you'll see! )

Retired after a couple hospital stays, so what am I supposed to do now? Aggravate my dog. That is a hell of a lot of fun, he keeps me lap warm and makes me laugh. Good company I must say, he listens attentively at everything I say, never argues, he thinks I'm his master we all know it's the other way around don't we?

When it is brrr outside, this here fella does not open a door to the outside. Oops I can't lie to you I must open the door to let my dog out. It has been cold, damp, dreary, which makes me weary and plum down, you know. Looking forward to the next several days, it's suppose to be warmer and sunshine, hallelujah! Hopefully it'll remove the funk in me. Funk be mentally down not challenged.

Put in a new furnace and air condition system last fall, so I won't have to worry about that. I just sit back and enjoy my new Christmas chair, fits my ass right nice! Yep! When this ol' boy retires he goes all the way, like an old work mule put out to pasture after earning his keep!

Run a couple errands today and I find that a chore, would not do that if I did not have to.

I think I'll hire someone to mow my grass this year. Every time I mow it my allergies bother me for several days. I have a riding mower so I am going to ask my sister. She mowed it when I was in the hospital and she liked it. soo why not? I'll drink lemonade and watch her go round and round. Yeah! that sure sounds fine.

What is sad when I began this little exercise in attempting to write, I could not find enough time in the day to do it. I thought I found a hobby to learn, practice, keep my mind alive and I was having fun, dang!!! what more would you want? I've struggled, leaving it alone for months at a time. Exactly why I did not continue, even a once a week post I cannot say. Anyway what seems so insane is that now I have all the time in the day to type me wittle heart out, and I don't! I'm trying to get back to where I was in the beginning. I wrote several short stories which I was rather proud off, especially The Flame, Corner Lot and Lost Road. I do have several more in my in mind but have not gone down that road again. Most are from my dreams like the three above.

Kind a funny how time and life changes your every day happenings. Just like my buddy has stopped writing, he was the one who convinced me to try this blog, opened it and named it GlenView for me, what a pal, what a pal! The fact that he did such a thing for me was very heartfelt. You see I never learned to type, never needed to, in my day, a regular Joe Factory did not need to. I was playing around writing thoughts down. His encouragement helped me peck away at the keyboard. Never had a need for a computer, what would I of done with one until then. You see I still don't know anything about computers but have had some fun along the way, laughing at myself a tryin' to learn at my old age. Ya see, I do ramble, get carried away sometimes, most of the time, that's just me an old man who attempts something new in his olden, golden days. Why do they call it golden days anyhow? I certainly don't have any gold! It should be olden, white hair days.

Its kind a funny how life is ain't that so? Why do we do the things we do at the time we do them? ( Notice how all me writing has paid off, what a last sentence! )

I shall keep searching for words of wisdom, that'll never come, oh well a little fun in my last days may keep me another day, who knows.

Kind a funny how working and all the different mental states from laughter to just pissed off made me feel so alive.

I want to share with all my friends out there who find the time in this busy messed up world we live in something that happened to me when I was in the hospital back in September and October of 2014.

After the complications from the blood clot was in a medically induced coma for five days. During this time I had a vision, a dream, whatever you wish to call it. It lingers still fresh, as when it happened, even more so, because it seems clear to me today.

At the foot of my bed, one on each side are two young adults no more than 25 years of age. On the left is a beautiful long haired girl, with reddish brown hair. On the right is a young man with the same color hair. Their looking at me, not saying anything. Behind them shines a golden light. This shot is embedded in my mind like no other moment in my life.

After a year and a half I have come to the conclusion who they are. I lost a sister born after me to pneumonia also an older brother to the same ailment.

I believe the two young people at the foot of my bed was my brother and sister showing me how they would look as adults. It was a special moment in my life which I'll never forget.



  1. I really loved this post. It had a bit of everything in it, your humor, your wisdom, which by the way you DO have . I hope you can get back to writing your short stories. I always enjoyed them.

    I can't seem to write like I used to either, but I try to post something every now and then just so people know I am alive haha.

    I think you may be right about those two young people at the foot of your bed and I believe one day you will meet them (but hey, NO HURRY on that ok??? )

  2. Having a new heater installed gives you a peace of mind as the cold seasons set in. I pushed out unit to the max, and at 20 years we knew we were living on borrowed time with the heater. Luckily, it made it to season 21 before we got a new one and now I don’t have to worry any longer.

  3. Thanks C. and Jodi for your comments, all comments truly appreciated from the cockles of an old man's heart!!!