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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


The older you get things just become harder to accomplish. "What" you ask? Every thang!!! Takes longer, the old joints just don't move right. The whole body is against you. Joints make funny noises crying out! Mowed some grass for the first time this year, pushed mowed. My body rebels, using muscles not stretched all winter, sore as hell! I was real careful starting small, mowing half an hour with one break. Last year rather than walking every day for exercise, which I knew I would not do. I decided I'll mow a little everyday, unless it rains. I found out during the dog days of summer my body needs to sweat, even though old Glen don't like to. I never overdone it because when I needed to I visited my air-conditioning, man ain't that lovely? How did people survive years ago?

Chores that were once so easy, I would do them without any concern, as to consequences. Now I fret on them for days putting them off. Some I can no longer do.

I use to love using a chainsaw, now I can't even get one started. There is a certain technique to this, takes strength in both arms, as you pull the rope and force the other arm down to get a good solid pull to lite that sucker up. I bought a new one thinking "it's the old chainsaw." Seems I've lost strength and the agility to start 'em any more. I decided I'll buy me an electric one don't like messing with the cord because I figured I'd cut through the darn thing! So I did buy one and a 50 foot cord. I put the son of a bitch together and used it maybe 15 minutes. I felt like a logger, yes I did! Had some problems, as you age EVERYTHANG be a problem!!! I put it in the garage, I shall try it again one of these days. Well I been mulling this here sitiation over for quite a spell now, maybe, just maybe, soomethang be a telling' me "you don't need to use one of them damn, dangerous thangs, if you no longer have the arm strength don't mess with that fucker!" There is some merit to that right?

Absolutely nothing is easier as you age. Some body ought to write a manual about what to expect and how to conquer growing older. Hey Timster my friend "that's right down our alley!"

Example, my wife used to have a small car, it got to where I could not make my body turn and bend the way I needed to, to get in it. Ain't no fricking way! No I won't lie to my friends out there. I could finally get in, contorting my body, finagling and grunting, groaning, cussing and what not, it weren't easy. Once I'm in I could not reach around and get my seat belt, so I would have to open the door and get my seat belt. I even have some difficulty with my mom's old Monte Carlo, because it sits down rather low. It's the getting down and turning my body a certain way, my body rebels, my back's not as limber as it once was. Now the getting out part, especially if there is an incline. Have you seen them senior helper handles that you put in the door jamb and help make it easier to get out? I need one. My back, my knees, HELL my whole body just don't move right anymore!

Did you know that watching exercising shows or these dancing exercises to firm the body to give me a six-pack ABS like I had at the age of 18, definitely don't work for me. You actually have to follow and do those exercises!!!   Oh yeah!!!   I thought that you just bought the video and watch it, like you know! enjoying a movie. They sure fooled me, we senior citizens are suckers I reckon! I never had me no six-pack ABS in me life! I been fat all me life!

I will admit that watching them fine looking women in them little short shorts does move me! I cannot lie too you. If-un I had me a handful of them blue pills I might could exercise something!

You know what if it takes me 10 times as long to do something who cares, I just sit down and watch the Maury Povich show and learn whether or not Leroy is the father or not!

Watch me one of them court shows with real people letting real judges, judge them peoples ig-nor-ance!!!

The only Judge I like-a is this Judge Jeanine Pirro that does a weekend news show. She has moxie and I like her commentaries she tells it like it is!  ( Never used the word moxie before, ain't it funny when that kind a shite happens. )    GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS!!!   BEING OLD SUCKS!!!    


  1. I've noticed a few creaks in my bone here lately. Not sure I like this getting old-er. I have an older car that was given to me by an elderly aunt who couldn't drive anymore. It has one of those handles to help get out. My little granddaughter asked me what it was the other day. I told her it was for us old people to help us get out of the car. She said she didn't want me to get old. I wish it was that easy :-)

  2. Thanks C. It really is not funny, but ya have to laugh at it. I remember when I was young, like in my twenties, I would sit and watch people as my wife was shopping at the mall, thinking what is a matter with them old people? I KNOW NOW!!!!!