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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Chores and more!!!

A big HELLO! my friends. Temperature where I hang me hat, is upper 70's, not a cloud in the shy, whoo-wee! It's Friday, don't make no differential to us retired folks. ((( Yess . . . I know-sa that should of been difference, instead of differential but remember where yee, be reading okay!!! Besides give us old farts a break! )))

I been putting off several chores that requires me going into and all over Metropolis. I live on the outskirts of, a big city of 35,000 hahaha!

I paid more for a tire for my lawn tractor than I pay for car tires, who would a thunk it? Not me! not me! not me! Well now I try to outsmart me-self, I had tubes put in them. I hear y'all out there a askin' "what the frick is a tube!" Well I'mma gonna explain to you that just hold yer breeches!

(((Speaking of breeches, that remind a me, that was one of the things on my list, new shorts fer summer. )))

Tubes once upon a time were in every tire, before radial tires. For a long time now cars don't require tubes. Tubes is thin inner rubber bladder like thing-a-ma-jig. It holds air and make tires like for my riding mower less likely to go flat if, I run over something, like say something stupid, besides I don't like changing tires. 

I be a waitin' fer the clerky fella to go and check to be sure that he had the tire I needed fer me lawn tractor. Why is it that no matter what you're going to purchase they always say "The computer shows we have that in stock but we haf-ta make sure!" Lord have mercy, in the computer age of tracking inventory why would they not have it?  I could not imagine that he would not have it, as it is the start of mowin' season! I ask the other young clerk whilst I be a waitin' "where did he go to check Chicago?" That gotta laugh out of him. They had one fer sure, yee-haw gonna mow me some grass tonight. This tire store had two really nice young fellers and I'll go back. You know I have forgotten that who's ever the closest is easier but possibly not the best. I like smiles and good customer service.

By now me belly be a growlin', gotta feed that Lion when that happens, yes sir! Get ne some chicken nuggets at B. K. and a ice tea and get on with my business.

Need an oil change so I go to the oil change place and cross that off my list. Use to grease my and change the oil in all my vehicles. As you age getting up and down ain't as easy as it once was, simpler to have it done. Besides we have this one place in town that will do the dirty work, if you bring the oil and filter they charge only $8.00, can you believe that in this day and age?    

After several hours in Metropolis I have been upset by other drivers, keeping all road rage in check. Been a good day so far. After all my chores are done I was headed home and drive up beside this big athletic guy on a motorcycle at a stoplight. That is not worth mentioning as I thought "a beautiful day for that." I noticed he doesn't have a helmet on, but . . . but . . . but . . . this young man of maybe 30 had a rather large Glock looking weapon on his side. Since I be headed past the Poolicce Department I'm a thinkin' "I bet he's an ossifer, yep he turned into the Poolicce Department parking lot. Well now that be somethin' yee don't see everyday around my parts, no sir-ree. Did not bother me but seems like even around my neck of the woods, times they are a changin' Sure-nuff!

For some reason I could not forget about the ossifer I assume so lets just say he was an ossifer. Riding a Harley without a helmet just, don't seem wise like, you know! The weapon hanging in his belt loop would not help him one bit if he had a wreck.  

Don't worry none about this here old fella and his spelling and rambling, I'm having fun so let's ride this pony out and see what happens.

All chores finished, one hell of a day, busy, busy. Home again, home again, yee-haw!


  1. Thanks C. I decided to not worry about anything being correcto mundo just let the shite fly and see how much sticks. I remember there was this comedian I seen on the Ed Sullivan show who intentionally messed his words up. I laugh at some of the words my mind comes up with and I think is funny, so who cares right o!