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Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Nothing coming through my upstairs department. Lines are down, shorted out, frayed, fricked up or whatever!!! It be the whatever I be a worried about! Everything we take in through our senses every day from our first sensing.
( I don't like that last sentence but it does make sense I hope! ) 
I sensed a lot of things today and how did or how will it affect me, the rest of my life? So many thoughts, perceptions of what you feel. Thousands of triggers from them darn senses hitting you inside the head, firing them synapsey thing-a-ma-jigs!


Sensors, I just love that word. I sense, you sense, the whole world senses. I sense a lot of shenanigans, and a whole lot O shit happening in the Republican family 'bout now! Democratic family, yikes more fun a going on, than a barrel of monkeys! Yet I do not see any COMMONERS sense. There be nothing common sensed about either party. Ain't suppose to be no parties going on, but I'm sure at all the parties that both party's have, they be partying, making fun at how they fleece us, us, us, common people. They be riding high on the hog with all that pork barreling partying. Yep! we as a nation be 19 and a lotta zeroes in debt, this here old boy can't comprendaaaa!!! This pork barreling thing be a real piece of mighty finnee legislative procedural stuffing, from our mighty finnee legislators stuffing!! After all they do loovvee their pork and all that porking around going on. Yes sir! Damn!!! all them educated Lawyer type putting that learn-ed education to work for them. Not only that, the aides working for them there Legislator/Lawyering whatch-a-ma-call thems, be Political Majors and aides in training, a keeping the aiding, the fleecing, the porking going on from generation to generation. After all, we are aiding everybody in the world, BUT we the ones who pay aid to the government so as they can take our hard earned money to do the aiding! We come to the aid of countries to don't even ask for our aid. Yes sir after 4 trillion dollars of Iran and Afghanistan aid look how much better off they are!!! That region be a heap better off! Our government gives Iran the greatest deal off all!!! Yikes what is the government or one particular person trying to give away the farm/the country!!! We have stabilized the whole middle east with money and aid!!! The government/politicians have so much sense and aid we just give it away!!!

We certainly have aided the big banks that we pay interest to from ALL the borrowed money!!! We aided, many big banks with free money!!!  ( Wait I thought that's where the bankers come in, making money from nothing!!!  What does them banker think, ( That money grows on trees!!! ) Hell no it's printed!!!
Ain't no wonder to this here poor uneducated old man from the Heartland we're right fired and fucked up!!! ( Can I say that? ) ((( Please advise the jurors to strike that from their mum-ory, I did not say that, nor would I ever say such a thing! )))


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  1. Honestly, I think this country is doomed my friend. That's about all I have to say :-)