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Friday, May 13, 2016

My battery is dead!

I come to you my friends, with nothing to say. I hear you saying "well why are you on your computer?" I'm waiting for lightning to charge me mind. Something needs to charge it, every day it weakens a wee bit. Not from usage like a cell phone, texting, playing games whatever. A car battery will eventually just give out after time. The battery must have new energy to keep it alive. You can put a little trickle charger using electricity, that ever so gently keeps a battery alive, if you never start your automobile. Say your old and don't go out in the wintertime like me, just hook one of them trickle chargers on to keep your battery from going ka-put. ( dead )

'Bout now your asking yourself "where the hell is he going with this!" I don't know this is what I call priming the pump, only tonight it can be called trickle charging or me battery is dead!

I stay up late after my wife goes to bed and watch television, occasionally I find something interesting, remember I said occasionally.

I have a question, before the political primaries what was on the news channels? Is there not other news worthy news to report??? Surely in this big ol' world there is news a happening! Come on people our brains are dying, find some news besides American Politics, sheesh I'm goin' to need a bunch of them trickle chargers for me brain if this continues! Funny thing there happens to be a gazillion news shows starting at about 5 pm. I use to watch just one every evening Lou Dobbs. Surely with all these news shows every evening there's different new being reported! Damn just look at how much news of the world could be reported. You know like the smog reports from China, recap the North Koreans leaders day and how many missiles he's fired off. He's like a kid with fireworks! Surely there's deaths, devastation going on besides the wars. News use to just loovvee to report on them natural and man made disasters. How about illegal drugs being smuggled across the borders and hundreds of people jumping the southern fences. Earthquakes . . . every body needs a little shakin' up. Damn I'd rather see a good tornado or flood or a forest fire instead of the mind numbing reports of our fine Politicians.

I'm forced to watch a baseball game. Don't get me wrong I use-ta love to watch the Cincinnati Reds, then I grew up.

I use-ta love to watch crime dramas, shows like Castle, Greys Anatomy, Bones and others I just cannot think off because my battery is too low. Still love a good western, sure don't see many of them anymore. My favorite being Lonesome Dove. I do watch Dancing with the Stars with my wife.

Earlier tonight I came across The 700 Club. Poor ol' Pat Robertson is getting old. There was something about him I could not take my eyes off of. His head seemed humongous, must of been my medicines, looked like a bobble head toy. Oh my God can I say that!

I get bored, so bored sometimes I could just cry! At this point I start stirring up my dog Taco, after we fight and play I do feel better.

I suppose we as humans are never satisfied. I still feel the need to understand, make sense where there is no sense. Why is that why can't I just be satisfied to sit out in the swing on a nice sunny day, block everything out and feel the moment. Listen to the birds singing, feel the sun on my face. Because it's too fricking hot, and my hearing is shot I can't hear the birds.

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