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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Balderdash and Millennial Words

Have you heard that word before? I know I have just don't remember where. For some reason W.C. Fields the old comedian of the first half of last century comes to mind. I can just see him saying. "Ah . . . Balderdash!"

All men know what bald is, that's for sure. Right at this second I'm trying to picture Donald Trump bald! What is with his hair anyhow?

Balder, can a man be more bald than bald? If you have no hair up top, oh, oh, oh. Balder would be no hair no . . . where . . . If you know what I mean Vern!!!!

That's enough punishment to poor Donald, what can I say about Hillary? She sure as hell has no chemistry as far as a speaker. Old Billy Bob Clinton was like Obamie. Gives a right nice speech and was likeable at least while they were campaigning. Poor Hillary, she has nothing going for her except money! Well know that's usually enough ain't it? For sure, for sure, good buddies!

BALDERDASH senseless talk or writing, nonsense: ( Oh my God that's me, I be full of balderdash. ) Synonyms are rubbish, gibberish, claptrap, ( I love that one! ) baloney. ( I love a fried baloney sandwich with a slice of tomato, matter of fact, I had one today! )

This definition of balderdash is obsolete, a muddled mixture of liquors, originally milk and beer, beer and wine etc.

Balderdash as far as speech writers go, being so full of it and Politicians imbibing in some strange
mixtures of something that's for sure!


Here are some words used by millennials, per this article.

On Fleck means on point, excellent.

Bae means before anyone else.

G. O. A. T.  means "greatest of all time."

Dabbing means hip hop dance move.

Netflix and chill means sexual encounter.

YOLD means you only live once, exclamation of extreme approval, thumbs up.

Turnt means drunk.

Bye Felicia means see you later.

Thirsty means desperately seeking the attention of others.

I have never heard these words before, but I'm never around millennials. Every generation invents some of their own words.

I'm going to attempt to use these words, this ought to be fun.

You're thirsty so you invite some people over, planning on getting turnt. Many new people also show one of these girls was a G.O.A.T., you must talk to her Bae. You show her your best dabbing. You have Netflix and chill on your mind! The next morning you say "Bye Felicia."  You're thinking "YOLD."

Ah-ha-ha-ha, just having some fun with you!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I like that word Balderdash !
    Can't say I have ever heard those other words, the millenial ones. They don't make much sense to this old lady :-)