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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolution and Michael Jordan Shoes!

I'm making my New Year's resolution early! I Mr. Glen View am going to stop caring! Yep you heard me right! I don't care! How's that! Yippee! I'm free! I got that monkey off my back! So now I can concentrate on other things more important in life.


N. B. A. is under way again. Goodee! Now we can watch millionaires play with a basketball, rather than a football or a baseball. I'm soo excited! Whoopee! Speaking of basketball, what the !@#$ is the deal with people and these retro Michael Jordan shoes? Standing in lines all night, riots and such! Do these knuckleheads think these shoes are going to improve your basketball skills? Are they going to make you cool like M. J.? Are they going to give you more charisma with the ladies? Are they goint to improve your I. Q.? God I hope so! Are you young adults asking your Momma big bucks for these super shoes when she works two jobs to put a roof over your head? You really think them M. J. shoes gonna make you fly like him, when your brothers throw your ass off the roof? You put them shoes on and walk down the side streets of Chicago and we'll see how fast them M. J. RETRO shoes can make you run! I really doubt it will be faster than a speeding bullet! What are you gonna do with them if you make it home alive with them shoes? Put them red retro running high flying super shoes on with your best hooded sweatshirt and walk around the apartment bouncing your head off the door jambs because you can't take your eyes off them M. J. superman shoes. Do you think all the knots on your head from hitting them door jambs are gonna turn into brains? I don't think so, sorry! So you got them M. J. shoes and you tell all your bro's in your neighborhood. You hold them in bed so they don't jump away! Yeah! Them be Michael Jordan shoes if you leave them be, they might jump, scoot, fly away or decide to play baseball or go play golf! You can't sleep from fear they'll leave you! You no longer go to school, you can't leave the apartment. If you wear them to school, you'll be mugged, possibly killed over them red retro M. J. shoes! You wander around bouncing off doors from looking at them! You can't eat, can't sleep! Damn my feet sure look good in them M. J. shoes though! Weeks go by, there are so many bumps on your head you no longer feel pain as you bounce from one door to the next. Your Momma is so worried about you she tries to take them devils away countless times. Since you never sleep you see her approaching and snarl like a wild animal. Finally it comes to an end. You make a slight miscalculation, instead of going through a door way, you go through the window and you live on the fourth floor! Oopsey! By the time you hit the cement a riot breaks out as people see them red retro M. J. shoes flying through the air! Not up, up, and away for a dunk, but down, down to party's over!

You leave your body and float away. You end up in a line waiting for your evaluation of life. The majority of men in line aren't wearing shoes! Wow!

I don't understand anymore and I don't care!!!  Goodnight wherever ye be!

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  1. I read this yesterday but I was holding my granddaughter and I find it difficult to type with her in my lap, so I never got to reply. I found this hilarious and hopefully later today I will get time to write something on my page which will show you why I found it so funny. (other than the fact that you have the best sense of humor and such a way of putting things, one can't help but smile and laugh out loud when they read your blogs!!)