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Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm con C.E.R.N. ed!

A BIG "hello today"! Do you have your Christmas shopping done? I wish for world peace! Hey! If you're gonna wish, why not go for the big one!!! A few days ago in my neck of the nation it was 16 degrees. This evening brought us a thunderstorm. Good damn thing, if the moisture would of been snow, we would have snow on Christmas for sure, it would be around until spring! Several years ago we had 30 inches of snow and I thought I was going to be stranded at work on Christmas Day! Wow stranded at HOME SWEET HOME is one thing! Stranded at work Ooowwweeee!

Them Physicist (Or Dummies) at C. E. R. N. are looking for what they call "The God" Particle! The way I understand it and I be poor country boy from the Midwest is, they're running them sub-atomic particles around this 30 mile long tunnel looking for the building blocks of them little particles. Are they a tryin to wear them little particles out??? What if them little particles are sub-atomic itty-bitty Energizer Bunnies particles? Everybody, excepting them Brainiac Scientist Physicist fellers, know's-em you can't wear them little Bunnies out! Don't they watch T. V. Mucho billions of $$$'s has been spent trying to find this sub-atomic God particle. They gonna keep on playing and sticking their noses where it don't belong and blow us all to smithereens!

They'll probably create one of them black holes that wander the universe (Then again you have to wonder, is there such a thing as black holes?) and we'll be sucked into oblivion! The way I understand it, there's these massive black holes, vacuum cleaner whatch-a-ma-call-its, that devour everything in it's path! Yeah! Sure! Right! That sucking sound is money that's disappearing and going somewhere and it ain't going to the working stiffs of the world!!!

These Theoretical Scientist Ones! Um! Um! Um! There's something about this "theory" word that sends shivers up me spine! Where I come from we call it "opinion"! Now we also have an old saying about opinions. In case you've never heard it I'mma gonna tell you what it is. "Opinions are like Ass Holes everybody's got one"!

Dictionary's definition of "theoretical" is of or constituting theory. (I certainly learned a lot there!) It gets better, limited to or based on theory; not practical or applied; hypothetical. Tending to theorize; speculative. An old country boy sees a word like tending mixed in with words like theory, theorize, hypothetical and I asked myself, "What the !@#$ are they trying to pull here"!

I gots to look up theory! A mental viewing; contemplation. A speculative idea or plan as to something might be done. It gets even better using words like phenomena which have been verified to some degree.

With words like based on theory, hypothetical, tending to theorize, speculative, idea or plan as to how something might be done. I really like this, "have been verified to some degree". Some! Are you kidding me now it's been reduced to some! I have "some" liquid in my glass! Are you jiving this old boy??? Seems like we're back to Ass Holes!

Hey they or I mean them, meaning Theoretical whatch-a-ma-call-thems talk about String Theory today. Hey! I don't make this stuff (shit) up! (I may push some out daily!)


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