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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's In Store For 2012!

Golly, gee-whiz, boys and girls how you doing out there in Blogdom? I'm alive and filled with a passion! You ain't seen nothing yet! 2011 was a warm up for 2012. I have so many things I wish to write about I could write eight hours a day! Damn there's only one thing that gets in my way! Actually two, life and work. Dag gone it! Damn it! You know if it wasn't for those two things I would be REAL happy. Work is well, WORK you know! Well let me explain a mite. I like to work actually! I know I'm crazy but hear this old man out! (Whoopsey! Read this old man out! That doesn't have the ring to it does it?) Anyhow, what I was saying before my brain interrupted me was, even as an old tired man, I like to push myself a little bit and get them damn endorphins going! Damn it's getting late I hope that's what I meant to say! (hahaha) You know whenever them cavemen would need to outrun some of them prehistoric critters! There body would create more adrenalin and they would out run one of them big sabre tooth tigers. You see I love when them little endorphin things mooove thru me body! I look at it as cleansing my clogged arteries! Oh yeah! Like rooter-rooter only instead of a clogged sewer drain filled with, well you know! It be keeping them arteries running free! Yee-haw! That be the only kind of boost this old man gets anymore.

I take a lot of blood pressure medicine! "How much do I take?" I'm sure glad someone in Norway asked that question! Thank you very much and thank you for reading my silliness! Damn! Damn! Damn! I confused myself, now where was I? Oh! Oh! Oh!

My own Doctorman was scratching his head and tells me! "You take enough medicine to put down a mule!"

That struck me really funny! I let out a belly laugh and said, "I reckon I'm a stubborn old Jackass then!" I take the maximum amount of some of the best blood pressure medicine that money can buy!

I say Doc here's what I think! "I do real good in my normal environment with my doggie and such. It's times like visiting the Doctor, (haha) and such that sends my blood go pressure up."

I continue and attempt to make my point! "I must work the graveyard shift at my age and that's not good for the blood pressure! I have always been a high strung individual and that don't help! Those two are bad enough but now you add in what I'm about to tell you! I must work with some of the craziest !@#$%^&*!@#$%^&S.O.B's you have ever seen!" He looks at me with a smirky grin on his face like he doesn't believe me! I wanted to slap that !@#$ing grin off his face!

 I said, "what I need is something to take only when I go to work to calm me down, a light sedative."

He tells me, "you already getting that plus more in the medicines you take!"

I tell him, "It's not enough for the ones I must deal with!"      

I'm warming to write some stories next year that you ain't going to believe. Fact or fiction! Only I will know and should make for some good laughs, if I can do them the justice they deserve. Truth is stranger than fiction and I am to prove it! The story I wrote The Fork Lift Man was true with a touch of me thrown in. There is an recent occurrence with him that's so outrageous I'll have to write it next year. I have many, many characters to write about where I work. Remember I work the graveyard shift! That alone sets up the story. Whow-za!

Anyhow I'm going to post chapter 2 of my short story The Flame this weekend with the next chapter tentatively scheduled for the weekend after. This story is what started the madness I lovingly call Glen View. I have countless short stories I wish to write, some lie dormant just waiting for the time.

In learning myself to type and write I inadvertently have played around with my innermost thoughts and ramblings at the end of my day. What I tell you is true, I take my nightly meds and play around saying whatever is on my mind. I personally have had a blast with these not planned let'er rip post! I hope you have also! Thank you very much for visiting my humble site, goodnight my friends no matter where you roam! Glen  

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  1. As I said, looking forward to 2012 and all you have to offer. Your blog is the highlight of my coffee time !!

    I hope you and yours have a most wonderful new year Glen.