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Monday, December 5, 2011

Sea of Silliness

I just took my night-time meds. I wish to get lost in a Sea of Silliness! Shouldn't be too hard for me! Do you think? Nonsense & Silliness is Politicians!!! Even More & Deeper Silliness & More & Deeper Nonsense & STUPIDITY is (drum roll please) expecting them to fix a problem that they created as lifetime servants of the Public, yeah right!!! (Lifetime Leeches off the Public!)

What is happening in you're neck of the woods? Work if you're lucky enough to have a job!!!
Pay taxes if you're lucky enough to have a job!!!
Patting down Grandma's and Children before boarding Airlines!!! Man we've come a long way in the modern era!!!
Instant communication at our fingertips, get someone else to take tests for you!!! Janie & Johnny can't read and write, but damn they've created a new language of un-intelligible texting!!!

Grandpa says "why the @#$% go to school, only gonna be jobs flipping !@#%ing burgers anyway!!!
He also says "I read in the newspaper more people than ever are attending vocational schools. What the !@#$ is wrong with ya'all? Training fer jobs that have left 20 !@#$ing years ago! You're as stupid as our leaders!
You want jobs Grandpa says "Learn to grow a garden, work with the soil, we can't get people to pick the crops now. Government in some states are running off the slave labor that's always harvested it!!!!!
The Governments want the people completely counting on them fer everythang!!!
You see that be the !@#$ing problem with Elected Representatives, they work their lifetime in Washington, ONLY at getting RE-ELECTED!!! They don't give diddly-squat about you and me, the little ones!!! They live in Mansions high upon a hill!!! Looking down in the Boondocks at us!!!
We sent a man to the moon in 1969 yeah of course we did!!! We should be making baby Martians on !@#$ing Mars if that was the case by now!!!
Look back at them long-haired Hippie freaks by watching Wood stock! Do you think them crazy ass pot smoking, dope taking love machines, were capable of going to the moon, they's were soo !@@#$ing high baby, that's where they lived!!! Didn't need no tin foil Moon Lander, son-of-a-bitchin thing to visit the moon baby!!!
Hell in 2011 we can't get shuttles in orbit!!!
You expect me too believe the intelligence level of the people I meet every !@#$ing day at my Doctor's Office, at the Drive-Thru's, at Wally's World!!! These people are workin so they's must be the cream of the crop today!!!
I wanted a soda-pop, I go inside a convenient store, I drank a 64 ounce Green Pop waiting in line and had to go to the bathroom 3 times to shake the dew off my lilly before I got to the cashier to pay for whatever I went into the store for!!! I didn't have a loss of memory before I entered the CONVENIENT STORE!!!
I'm so sorry for the little ones today, unless they all grow up to be Politicians, Bankers, or Military they ain't gonna get a job!!!       OH SHIT!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I LET MY GRANDPA OUT OF THE LOONEY BIN I KEEP HIM IN!! I FELL ASLEEP ALL I CAN SAY IS HAVE A NICE DAY OR IF YOU LIKED GRANDPA... I MAY JUST TURN HIM !@#$ ING LOOSE AGAIN!!! ahhahahahahahahahah  DaMn, I cAn'T pUt My NaMe On ThIs CaN i??? silly boy!!! aS ALWAYS THANK YOU FOR VISITING GLEN VIEW, I THINK!!! mY wOrD FoR ToDaY IS!@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*.

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  1. I love how you put into words the things that are in my mind also. What a world we live in now huh?!

    I like this Grandpa character, hope he comes around often :-)