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Monday, December 12, 2011

The Christmas Gymnasium!

Big hello! It's earl Monday morn where I be. Nothing on my mind so let's go with that. Like the big wheel, spin that sucker and see where that needle lands! Oopsey, out of tea please hold....................... I'm back now where was I? Good golly Miss Molly almost Christmas, my oh my! I try to stay away from all the Political Crap! Nothing changes with them Political ones! They cut a continuous line if farts and expect us the people to believe them!!! I don't read the headlines anymore, same O, same OO! The only thing that changes is the day of the week!

You might know when I'm not near my computer I have a-thousand ideas! When I actually sit down nothing!

 I remember back to this time of the year as a child. Everything was magically wonderful in ways that only a child can appreciate! Riding in the back seat of our Chevrolet Bel-air looking at Christmas lights. Much fewer lights way back then, but they seem much bigger, brighter!!! One has to ponder a second.... or two.... Why is that? Let's imagine (You can DO IT! I'll help you! When I get a-rollin and a-rockin I have enough for you too!!!) we're six years old, think back, the curiosity, amazement of EVERYTHING!!! Play, play, play. Imagination running amuck. (wild, wandering) Take a pencil and paper draw a squiggly nothingness, to you it's an airplane! You're outside all bundled up playing in the fresh snow, the ground's all white, pretty! You pick up this powdery white stuff, you're very own magical, mystery world! Of course you don't think of it in those words, more like pretty, ooh, aah, cold, don't care! Momma makes you come in, but you don't want too! You're little cheeks are red from the cold, you want to play some more, no, no, no! You're picked up resistance is futile! Parents are so big! Momma says"its Christmas eve, we're going to listen to the Community Christmas Carols at the high school gymnasium". You never understood anything Momma said except, going, a fun word, Christmas a beautiful word... All that other stuff, you don't know! You know whether it be good or bad you have to go where your parents take you! Your Momma pinches you're fat red cold cheeks saying "much longer playing out in the cold and you'd be Frosty the snow man"! You giggle at that, remembering him on the T. V. Soo you decide you'll go with Momma and Daddy, just don't keep me up past my bedtime tonight's the big night! SANTA! YEAH!!! Within minutes you're swooped away, I can walk, but parents always in such a hurry! Hurry up and go inside when you're having soo much fun playing, that's what kids do! Your now in the car, before you know it you're being swooped away again! Many people are going into this big building with many, many doors. Man this is one big house you think! You get inside, wow! The size of this place! It's like running around outside! Your carried over to the side and up, up, up. wow! We're really up here as you look down and to the side of what Momma calls a jim... and over there is the stage. A big WOW!!! Many many different colored light and several Christmas trees! I like this place! This is gonna be fun-ner than that cold snow, I was cold, but didn't want to go inside! You've never seen so many adults, you didn't know there was so many! You've only been to the Grocery Store and to Church, wow! Wow to everything, this may be worth staying up past my bedtime! Wow these adults know about fun too! Soon the lights grow dark and you hug your Momma! What is this place? A man speaks some words mumbo jumbo stuff. Then, beautiful lights and music and singing like you've never heard before, a big big wooow! Your on Momma's lap looking toward what they called the stage!
The beautiful lights was special, but the music and the singing! More people than you've ever seen at church and the music! Many people dressed up nice singing and a-playin them whatever they are called! The only thing you recognized was a piano and it was huge! You think they must need a lot bigger piano and more of that other stuff in this jim...whatever Momma called it! Your wittle eyes become bigger than your red cheeks! Your ears must be much bigger because you've never, never, never, heard anything soo, pretty and wonderful!!! The jim...thing was packed! Wow! Now you know where the big people go to have fun! You feel like a big person, your enjoying what they do! How could anyone not enjoy the beautiful sounds coming from the stage! It's past your bedtime but I don't care! You begin to fight sleep but you win! I'm gonna listen and listen and you do, to something you'll never forget! How could you? The most beautiful sight you've ever seen in all your six years of life! You're fast asleep by the time your carried to the car! You wake up the next morning it's Christmas. FIFTY FOUR YEARS LATER YOU'VE NEVER FORGOTTEN THAT EXPERIENCE AND IT'S STILL ETCHED IN YOUR MIND! SOMETIMES ADULTS HAVE FUN TOO!!!   Thanks for visiting my humble site! I'm a person of many characters and I love them all! Makes life so much fun-ner!!!  Glen

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  1. Beautiful and magical memories of a Christmas past. I was touched the other day when my son sent me an email and told me he was listening to some Christmas music and it brought him back to those exciting Christmases when he was little. It made me feel good that memories were made for him and now that he is 23 years old, he can draw from those memories and make Christmas special even now. Good story Glen......thanks for sharing.