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Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Last Full MOON

 I find myself drawn into, this amazing picture recently. I would be lying if I said it spoke to me at first sight. The one thing more than anything, I wish to convey to you that visit my humble site is honesty! I think that's the most important emotion one can give! (With that being said, I feel somewhat like I'm LYING because, I don't share my real name, and all the realities of my personal life, but sadly we all know what un-normal, un-ethical scallywags can do with a little personal info, so I know you real people, REALLY understand!!!)

So I would like to move on to my thought. While searching to find my way of what to talk about in addition to stories that seem to take a lot more time, and more patience than what I have at various times. (I know I wrote about patience just this week, but that there be terribly hard too maintain 24 hours a day. I do real good while sleeping, haha, it be the work thing that tries my patience immensely, I know you understand that!) Damn! I've got so many thoughts jumping out at me!!! Anyhow honesty of my thoughts with complete access into my daily thoughts, emotions, dreams, stories. To me that's the most precious gift one can give to another! I have never kept a diary, so I suppose it's somewhat like that! The most important thing about reading is seeing yourself in someone else's words! (Oh my god I hope that makes sense.) What I have just written is exactly my point! I'm sharing my thoughts and emotions, then I let you in on my exact inner thought as I'm writing to you! I'm talking to you as an individual no matter where you are in the world, ain't that just the most magically fantastic thing you can FEEL!!!   

What I've been jumping around at is really me! I start off with this amazing picture, I found interesting. I simply didn't quite understand how to evaluate it at first. I've revisited it a few times and now I know what I want to say about this picture that has made such an IMPRESSION (Now that's cute, haha.) on me!

The flash highlights a wooden walkway, very sturdy looking structure, with huge handrails. This structure appears to go on forever, out into the vastness of the sea. It gives that appearance because darkness takes over after a few feet. Complete blackness into infinity. There is a tiny round sliver of light way out over the horizon. A ray of light so small it must be a lighthouse, beckoning. It excites, entices, this ray of light.

You have walked the plank of life, over darkness of unseen, unknowing, obstacles, holding onto the solid handrails that steady life's journey. To question the strength of the structure halfway into oblivion, makes no sense. Keep the course and walk to the light, until THE LAST FULL MOON!!! Goodnight my friends, I hope you have enjoyed this, as much as the actual picture's, did on me!!!           

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  1. What a beautiful interpretation ! You amaze me and have started my day with a big smile. Thank you