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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just checking in on ya!

It's late, I'm tired but I really enjoy letting my crazy ass mind wander a mite before, beddy bye time! (I can't believe, I just wrota, whata I wrota.) Oh well just being silly and guess what, I don't care, I don't care, how about that! I'mma gonna write what I think, at least for a few more minutes while I can still think!!!

Physically feeling good, mentally in a down mood, from something devastating happening over the weekend. The world moves on hey!

Just watched a DVD of a movie I have been wanting to see, Iron Man One. I wish to take my mind away for a spell. Since I was an avid comic book reader as soon as I could put a few words together, these type movies regress me back to childhood. I still enjoy these type movies, hey I still have the imagination inside, it feels good to bring that part back from time to time. Mentally I feel 18, even though my body tells me, WHOWZA, old man!

In the hurry up and wait and accomplish NOTHING world of madness today, it feels right DAMN good to just RELAX! I hope you clearly understand what I mean! Put your feet up, drink a glass of wine, block out all daily activities, read a good book, gaze mindlessly into a fire, stare at the clouds, watch children playing, watch the waves rolling in. DON'T be a thinkin about one single solitary thing! That be clearing the daily accumulation of ------------ "SHIT" outta your head! (I bet ya didn't think, I's wassa gonna saya that, did ya?)

I was getting uptight about some things at work tonight, stuff I've been laughing off, ya have to! Not one darn thing, I can do nut-tin about! (Damn I lika that wurd, nut-tin, kinda hits close to home on me don't it!) Say, yes! No really! Who gives a shit if anybody hears you, say yes for a discombobulated Glen! If they ask ya, "what did you say"? Tell them, "Glen asked me to say it"! I doubt they'll ask ya to repeat it!!!

Laughter poking fun at yourself is good. Ask yourself, "would I rather be laughing or all grumbly face"? What's your answer? I certainly hope it's not grumbly face!!! Nobody, looka good, grumbly faced! Just typing grumbly face is fun! If that's not enough for ya just think that old fart is off his rocker! Yes I am, but dwell on the other alternatives next time you are relaxing!!!  

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  1. Well I can certainly relate to the feeling 18 inside and old on the outside, except I feel about 12 on the inside haha.
    You know I am getting better and better about not allowing things to drag me down....especially things I can't do anything about. Once we realize that part, it is much easier to just relax and let whatever be, be. There is an old grumbly faced person who lives in this house . I always tell him to stop being so grouchy, to forget all that work stuff while you are home and enjoy life a little, and laugh. It really is good medicine !