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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Patience, Persistence, Preserves and PERSEVERANCE

I haven't been my normal "cheerio" chap, self, in a couple weeks! Please bear, (or is it bare?) I know! Who gives a rat's ass righto! Sometimes I, and probably you out there in the Kingdom of Blogdom get caught up in such little nonsensical bits of unmeaningless crappola! Man I absolutely hate when that happens! When I began this endearing endeavor in madness, as in attempting to learn to actually type and attempt to actually write a few sentences and maybe, tell a story or two... I froze... My mind began spinning in circles... I became woozy, (lightheaded,) sick to my belly... What the !@#k, aimma I'a THINKIN!!! Sometimes I still feel that way... Then I say to myself, magical words of wisdom, "who gives a rat's ass"! I laugh! I was so worried about my lack of training. I told myself, "damn you old !@#ker, you be approaching the big 60, what the hell matters"? My mind went on a tirade at me-self and this is what my mind told me."Patience, persistence, perseverance". I passed out cold, like an electrical overload, burnt all my synapses into extra crispy brain bacon! I have never had patience. I lack persistence, and baby what the HELL is perseverance??? (YOU SEE HERE, I'M UP THE CREEK WITHOUT A PADDLE AND I AIN'T IN THE BOAT YET!!!) One itty bitty synapsey was left. So I said, "what the !@#k who gives a rat's ass". (Please don't forget my words of wisdom, just in case you burn out most of your synapses.) So I'm the recepient of an antique computer, that once belonged to a little girl, who apparently loved ice cream! It wasn't pretty but was functional for me too learn on. That damn computer was much smarter than me! I keep thinkin, patience, persistence, perseverance. I know what patience and persistence means. I ain't owned a dictionary since school and was not, about to waste, no money on one now! So I figured, I'd figure it out, when the time come, you see! I remember the word preserves crossin my one remaining synapse. Oh! Oh! Oh! Before I forget! I made a visit to the good Doctor and told him about frying my brain, so he fixes me up with serotonin reuptake something or the other, legal good stuff, as in meds, you know! Okay back to the preserves, like blackberry preserves, peach preserves. You see in the old days they would can foods, vegetables and fruits, for the winter. So they called the fruits preserves! Yummy, them preserves are good, make a cobbler , my mouth's watering just thinkin about them preserves! Well one day somebody told me that preserves and perseverance ain't the same thing! I was flabbergasted! What! What! What! Damn! There goes my last synapsey! This person who told me about perseverance said it means, "stick to it, stay at it". I'm plum confused now! Them peach preserves sure stick to me belly, on a cold winter's day, and we had to stay at it when we canned them, it were hard work! My friend pulls out a dictionary and said listen up, "perseverance is the act of persevering; continued patient effort. Do you understand it now"?  I answer "NOPE, not in the least! If perseverance is preserving, yes when we canned them fruits, we had to be continually patient not to eat them all up!" My friend's  hot under the collar, his face was red and he was talkin to himself, makin no sense at all! he finally says, "perseverance simply means to keep tryin, keep tryin, keep tryin", he continued to say those words as he took off walkin down the sidewalk, it was his house.

So I kept up with the P. P. P. words I don't like to say them anymore! As for my friend, they found him walkin in the next county uttering "keep tryin", over and over and over! He's back home now and doing pretty good, they say! I'm not allowed to see him and apparently he takes some of them serotonin reuptake something or the other meds like I do!         

You know it ain't easy learning new things, I keep practicin, practicin, practicin. I never knew the rules when I went to school, to propa English then. I started off in my endeavor a-tryin. I found out real quickly I ainna neva gonna master it and guess what? I'm too !@#k-in old too give a rat's ass! I'mma gonna keep on tryin and a-practicin any way! WHY? BECAUSE I'M HAVING FUN! Iffun some good things about propa English pops into my one synapse mind occasionally that be okay! I'm going to keep tryin as long as I'm having fun. It warms an old man's heart to have you'all from around the world visit my humble site. I'll do my best to give you a laugh and talk to you from "my heart"! If you want propa English, you'll have to look somewhere else! I be an old fat man, writing whatever is on my mind! THANK YOU VERY MUCH, FOR VISITING MY HUMBLE LITTLE BLOG! Glen

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  1. You have obviously persevered in your attempts to learn the computer and to write a blog. I am glad you are fairly persistent and continue to write most days of the week. I don't know what I would read at coffee time if not for you. It is good to write things down to preserve your stories for future generations of little "glens".

    Now I hope you have some patience with me as I attempt to preserve what little brain I have left . I know if I persevere, I will eventually write blogs as persistently as you do Professor Glen.

    Now I am going to get another cup of coffee and some toast with peach preserves. For some reason I am suddenly craving them !!

    Great post by the way :-)