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Friday, November 25, 2011

Super Communication!

I really FEEL the need to write something, it's been a few days! MANY ideas and thoughts swirling around, I hope I can grasp onto one for a few minutes! A friend and I was talking about my last post for a few minutes, "The Park & Pumpkin Pie". We discussed some things about how I got the idea including the rest of the story line. I gave my opinion on something about how I believe we are all connected. He found it interesting and encouraged me to do a post about it so I'm going to attempt my thoughts on this subject. Remember now I'm not trained in any field; however 60 years of life and as I call it think-in. I quickly tire of all the experts talkin about they have all the answers. The greatest gift given to any soul is the ability to think and reason for THEMSELVES!

I don't get up to an alarm clock, man oh man did I ever hate to be woke up with an annoying sound and then your next thought is, DAMN I have to go to work! I work the graveyard shift! NO it's not fun, but it be a haft to case. (You're saying to yourself, "that old fart misspelled that wurd"!" If you asked yourself that, welcome to Glen View, you're new here ain't ya!!! Best get use to my spellin, I spell it as I hear it and I have been hard of hearing all my life! Okay, okay, okay! I know I have gotten sidetracked ONCE AGAIN! The luxury I allow myself in my old age issa I getta uppa when I want toooooo!!!

I have found my dreams to be off the Dream-O-chart by giving myself this luxury. (Don't you be mocking me and saying, "damn I wish I could do that"!) The graveyard shift is a killer and XXXX's your brain up so unless you want to end up like me, don't be saying that!

The physical body must rest, that's just the way it is baby! But that damn o'l brain wanna be working all the time, like the Energizer Bunny on meth! It gotta have that info, gotta learn! So why our body's numb as in sleep paralysis. (Don'ta be a tellin me, you never heard of sleep paralysis!) So our mind puts our body to sleep where do you think it goes? It sure as hell ain't going to learn nuthin listening to snoring. It has to go sommers (country slang for somewhere) else. It leaves your lazy ass body and visits the world, the universe, other realms! Baby it be travelin, at the speed of light or faster, learnin, learnin, learnin! When your physical body wants it back, that mind be mad! Whilst (while it) be out searchin for good times! You don't think our mind grows watching television or listening o Uncle Ray Earl Bob talkin about his life, nor your teenage children talkin!!! How about neighbor Roy a tellin the same lame ass story for the 1,061st frickin time. Damn where you think your mind gonna get some education!

Now for some serious talk... Yep sometimes I fool myself! I'm lucky to have mostly good and entertaining dreams, colorful, vivid, magnificent, most of the times. Most interesting note is they seem to have grown in intensity once I began searching to find myself and stories to write about. I haphazardly lucked into this, it seems! I need to practice my typing, so I began posting anything and everything that enteres my thought process about an hour before going to bed. I believe I have inadvertently opened a door to other universes, realms; whatever or wherever our dreams originate or through! Some of my most beautiful dreams find me playing the guitar or banjo, singing my heart out! I don't play nor sing. I feel my fingers working these instruments like a master finisher of antiques, working for that special seld satisfying gloriful shine. These dreams are off the charts and sometimes the mood and snapshots stay with me!

Seems I'm taking a long time to get to my real thoughts but find it terribly important to build to my final points, thoughts or whatever!!! I know in my heart, mind, body, soul, spirit that we are all connected! I'll use a little example, to TRY and explain my point. There are billions of people in the world. There are limitless amount of cells in our bodies. I certainly don't know how many let's say trillions. I believe the cells in everyone's bodies are slivers of all. Anyone who has ever lived is connected. In our dreams we travel, visit, boldly go wherever we want to go, be a part of someone else. LEARN most probably, but unable to use that fraction of a fraction for any consequential daily purpose. Perhaps, but why I can say this, is from my actual experiences of the last year. That's right, not once but many times something has dropped, into my awaken state of mind.

What if, what I have proposed to you in my own style of thinking is true. As I struggle to put words together there has beeen times when I felt as though someone was helping me giving slight nudges suggestions. It's not an eery feeling, but you go back and reread something and chills go down your spine because you can't believe you wrote that! One of my favorite post was INNER VOICES & ELIJAH. Felt as though I was getting help putting that together!!!

Recently I woke up with the idea to a story I'm currently writing "The Park & Pumpkin Pie".

I believe we're all connected in a way we can't or won't acknowledge in a mysterious way that some wish to keep quiet among the masses. Perhaps in our modernization of all, we have lost some fundamental survivor communication spiritual animalistic instinct that we once possessed! What if we could or actually do tap into something sooo special where our mind must go to survive!

Oh well I think there is something beyond, myth's, legend's, religion's. A super spirituality that's magnificently beautiful and we BABY HAVEN'T BEEN ALLOWED OR SHOWN HOW TO USE IT TO OUR ADVANTAGE!!!     Goodnight from GLEN VIEW. Thanks for visiting my humble site!

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  1. I think you are on to something Glen. What's more, you seem to have expressed in this post a thought I had years ago which was the basis for one of those books in my head. I think I will just let you draw from my mind and write the book for me !! *smiles*