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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"New Type Fuel Found"!!!

I seem to have something stuck in my crawl for over a week now, I need to get it out! This doesn't feel like it's going to be on the light side, so I'm giving fair warning, you might want to skip this post!

 I'll attenpt to write this out, so's I can get on to being ME! I've been tired since Friday the 21 st of what is now last month. It was a brutal day physically, mentally I lived up to the challenge. It's that mental challenge that bothers me! I try to stay within my "self set limits", that I, and only I, know, for survival mentally & physically. This is from a lifetime of learning, to live within myself, for MY SURVIVAL, if I'm making any sense, I dare I'm not!!!

It simply CANNOT be done! One has to work, for survival, monetarily, that be the first obstacle. I've never had a problem doing my job! I like the rush one get's, IF ONE WORKS! (Yes I meant to capitalize, for the ones that have no fucking idea what work is!!!) Teamwork, whether on a ball team or a production line ain't one, it be everybody!!!

What has destroyed the workforce of the U. S. of A. is pure fucking LAZINESS! This LAZINESS starts from the top, SO CALLED "LEADERS". Leaders don't know diddly squat about LEADERSHIP! They have meetings and listen to what their Generals all the way down to their lowest level incompetents. Starting at the lowest level nincapoops, they start covering their own ass all the way up to the top! It doesn't matter if it is the President of a country, or the President of a Shit Stacking Company! So much shit is covered up by every fucking manager, the truth is completely lost. I have seen it all my life at my everyday little man level and read about it every day in the newspapers, watch it on the news, read it on the internet! BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT!............................ LEADERSHIP, more like LEADERSHIT!!!

I, a simple hard working, honest man, am fucking fed up at every level! I'm 60 years old and the shit just keeps stacking! If I could capture this invisible shit, from around the globe I could probably light up every light on the planet, produce enough global electricity to electrify every country and every household, even the ones that do not yet have electricity. I feel assured that there is PLENTY!!!

The Presidential election coming up could produce an abundance, I have no doubt! The amount of MANURE expelled from Washington could probably light up every light bulb in the world, I have no doubt!     

I see the future, "New type fuel found, we'll never run out. Tap into something that is self-sustainable"!


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