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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Life style change is going good. I have lost 20 pounds, by eating healthier and not eating fast food, yeah! The goal is to continue eating smartly the rest of my life. So I don't call it a diet and I only weigh myself every three months when I visit my least favotite person, sorry Doc.! My three year goal is to get off all my medicines. Like everyone that has fought weight problems I have lost weight many times and it always comes back. Why? When you have all these fast foods on every corner the way they used to have service stations back in the 60's. That's funny, because all these fast food chains in my town have replaced those sevice stations, because they had the prime locations. So once upon a time you could get a tume up on your Ford Falcon, which was a small car back then. Now you stay in your S. U. V. and go to the drive-up window. You need a S. U. V. to haul all the fast food you've ate, over a lifetime. Instead of sport utility vehicle, it should be called, S-U-per Vehicle to haul all the fat asses around! Every place today want to super size you! Damn see there that be the fricking problem. I wish to give one itsy bitsy, teeny, weeny, little bitty example. (Damn I would love to see an English major see those words, plum give them a heart attack, yeah baby!!!) (Oh! Oh! Oh! My brainee just told me to add a little somethun, somethun, remember these lines from an old silly ass song, "she wore a itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, yellow polka dot bikini," that be an old song that plopped into my conscious out of my sub-conscious, sorry!!!)

See how my mind wanders, damn that'd be a good title fer this here post, yippee! You see I never have a title fer my late night practicin on y'all. I was about to make a point about somethun before my sub-conscious raised it's smart assy self, don't ya just hate when that happens?

I remember now. When I was a young pup coca colas was in small, as in about 6 ounces or so. Yep, they be in little baby bottles compared to today. I have always had a hankerin fer them soda pops. All kinds, I just looved them sugary sweet drinks of deliciousness. I thought why the hell would anybody drink water when you can have sodie pop. So back then you would have one occasionally and they be much smaller than these super duper sizes of the modern obesity epidemic!!! These super convenience diabetes of hell stores have soda fountain drinks from 32 ounce to 44 ounces. Damn talk about a shot of sugar! I was in a convenience store recently getting a diet coke. In front of me was a regular size man with a 32 ounce drink. Beside him was a chubby 10 year old girl with a 32 ounce drink... Hello! That be the problem!

Super size my ass! Yep asses and bellies! We being super sized to death! It has become too easy in the modern hurry up world, trouble is we ain't learning our children. If we be super size they gonna be super size too! Damn I'm know fighting a lifetime of abusing my body at the age of 60. It be this simple for me boys and girls, if I don't succed, then I ainna gonna be around much longer! Now what in hell good would it be to have a blog titled Glen View and there ain't no Glen?

ANYWAY, I HAVE MORE THINGS ON MY MIND TO WRITE ABOUT THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT. I THINK THAT'S THE TROUBLE, IT'S HARD FOR ME TO FOCUS ON ONE AT A TIME. One I'm working on is called Grumpy and the Freeloaders, I have big plans for that, I wish to make it a regular article based on my every day escapades. Through the eyes of a Grumpy old man, starring an old man similiar to me.. Glen

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  1. Congratulations of the weight loss!!

    Everything you wrote here makes sense. All the super sized everything. Talking about that little girl being chubby....... I remember when I was a child in school, almost all the kids were lean to average size and there may be one or two fat kids. These days if you go into a classroom there are a LOT of fat kids so what's up ? It's the diet of junk food, processed junk and poison that is so readily available and it is cheaper than buying the healthy foods so struggling families live on a diet of boxed junk. Hmmm, perhaps another way "THEY" are trying to kill us off ??

    Great blog G, keep going on that lifestyle change, just don't lose so much you blow away *smiles*