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Friday, May 25, 2012


Whatever I say has been said before! So why say anything at all? Whether it's funny, sad, dark, enlightening, scary, thoughtful, whatever! The only thing unique about words is the feelings you get from what you read. To always write what's in my head, via my heart is what I shoot for. I give to you, my heart, my soul.

I truly enjoy reading. Be it the newspaper, I absolutely love holding that sucker up. Hey, have you noticed how the newspaper has gotten smaller, or is it just me? Something about holding, a book, magazine, takes me back, waay back! The type size also appears to be getting smaller, so I increase my bifocals, thank God for that. I have been on a reading kick recently, real books. I quit reading books to focus on my latest hobby. I didn't want to be influenced, while experimenting with my new world. I cannot explain why I jumped wholeheartedly into this quicksand of words, typing, computers. Nope never had the need for a computer in my life, never typed, hated English class, but loved to read!!!

I always read to get away, losing myself in other worlds. Growing up poor, can't be changed! Books can fill some voids. That more than anything else probably has been my salvation in life. I dare to glimpse back at my darkest hours, but as I review, I was reading a book, which always allowed a glimmer of hope to penetrate my soul.

Something from deep inside, cries out, I must put my thoughts into words, even though I struggle with the basics of writing.  My words, my way, from MY HEART! Be it self-therapy, who gives a rats ass, it be ME! There is no greater gift one person can give to another than, snapshots from inside, straight from the heart.

Besides the normal pleasures of reading, that can take you, where you have never gone before, is the greatest pleasure of all. I know your asking "WHAT!!!" There's the every day reading, why I have always read, to get away! Huum! Most interesting! I've always read as an escape.. Escape from what? The shackles we're born with, in an attempt to break free! We're dissatisfied with whatever the reasons are, countless I suppose. To me as I place myself on the couch for enlightenment 60 years later, it was hopelessness.

The greatest pleasure of reading is to read what others say, filling you inside, you shine like a big lighthouse. Someone has put into words the exact way you feel! It's like, they have jumped inside your head and took your thoughts, arranging them with so much meaning your heart skips a beat! You cry out YES!!! Man don't ya love it!!!

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