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Friday, May 11, 2012


I wish to type something, after taking my ya-hoo beddy bye meds! OOps! Do I seem a mite too happy, sorry about that! No I'm not! I'll take a slice of feeel goood any how I can get it. ? for ya! If I laugh at myself am I considered a little off, OR REALLY !@#$ED-UP? Just wondering... You see sometimes, I really, as in REALLY, cannot tell! Sometimes I think I'm the sanest person I know! Yep! I know yer thinking, "that old man is totally screwed up," I completely agree with your diagnosis, until I go out into the regular world of TODAY! Wowza! Due to my working hours of the graveyard shift I thought I that I had a few less brain cells than the "normal" people!" I venture out into the world of everyday reality and think I must of jumped down a few realms, you know what I'm saying!!! I leave my door and get into my van and before I know it I am visiting the other realms they talk about in them other multi verses I hear them smart Scientists talking about. I have heard a lot about them Theoretical Physicist! They talk about such stuff as string theory. Yep they take a piece of string and come up with such crazy ass theories about multi verses and so on and so forth! I don't know what in hell they're talking about! They be so highly educated they be plum loony toony! I think these Physicist are time travelers that have come back to make regular brained ones look stupid! I see through them, they be plum loco!

Sheesh! On the other side of the multi verses/rail road tracks or whatever, you have the lower verse ones, rather than them uppity, high versed ones. (I sure as hell hope you understand what I just said, because I sure as hell don't!) 

So when this old vampire is forced to go out in the daylight to do business and such, I don't find much intelligent life out there! What's the !@#$ing deal? Please can anybody explain to me where all the normal/regular good 'ol boys and girls have gone? Have they all been beamed up to another planet to reseed life, because all the intelligent life has disappeared in my lifetime!

Once in a while I like to turn the television on. Yep I know, sometimes I like to live dangerously. My television is a 20 year old model, tube type regular screen ancient type. Once in a great while I might be lucky and catch a decent movie. You see I'm getting old and I get interested in a movie, then 30 minutes of commercials makes me forget what the movie was about. Yuck, the things they advertise on TV anymore! I don't understand how anyone could be sick today! They have miracle drugs to fix everything, from erectile dysfunction, bladder control, mental disorders, man oh man, them modern meds can fix you right up.

When I was young we had the Marlboro Man riding his horse in the great outdoors. The Marlboro Man lived to be 92, but the horse he rode croaked after the commercial! They don't make smokes like they used to! We had Mr. Whipple selling Charmin, Maxwell House coffee commercials, advertising fine Colombian coffee beans. Well today we get another fine product from Colombia that gives a mightier thrill! Whoops or is that Afghanistan, I get soo confused about where all these drugs come from!!! We had Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler automobiles. Now we have automobiles that I can't pronounce the names to and the size of model cars I used to build when I was a lad. I loved the old commercials where the stars would advertise the product live on the air. Have you noticed the commercials today are so smartly produced you watch a 30 second commercial, let's say for a automobile, there's animals, U. F. O's and such silly goings on, then the last 5 seconds they show you the beautiful automobile. In the old days, let's take the Ford Mustang commercials, damn I got to see that beautifully pony being driven and my mouth was watering for one of them new 64 Mustangs with a 289 cubic inch V/8!

I've rambled quite enough for tonight! I really had nothing earth shattering to say! I'll leave that to the mass media. I just want to have some fun, practice my typing until my meds kick in big time. Just call me THE RAMBLER, my wish is to give you a smile and to take you out of the reality of the real world, if only for a few moments, that's what GLEN VIEW is all about! Thanks for visiting my humble little world, y'all come back now ya here, from deep in the heart of corn country, goodnight my friends... Glen

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  1. Well Mr. Rambler, you my friend are what is left of a dying breed. I am talking about NORMAL people. Good old down to earth normal.

    I love when you talk about the "old things" like the commercials. It brings me back to a better time and place before the world was invaded by whatever these creatures are that are roaming around all over the place.

    Have a nice and relaxing weekend and I will post some of those daggone doggy pictures later today.