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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Dog Speaks!!!

Here I sit all dejected, trying to think, but can't get started!!! Ha, ha, ha, I always wanted to start a post like that. I won't tell you the origination for that. I'm trying to break through my funk and write something funny. I don't know where my words will go, that be the fun part for this old boy. I put my hands on the keyboard and ler'er rip! Too many things in this old world to bog us down, ain't there? Yes, I'm talking to my compadres across the world.

The daily goings on, in this old world is enough to make a minister swear! Yet, we must carry on. I believe that's why I took up this hobby as an old man. Either that, or stare at the walls with a permanent blank look! I attempt to get you to that point with my rambling madness! Ha, ha! If you found a twinge of humor in that, there's still hope! Not for me but for you!!! My mind goes up and down like a mighty roller coaster. The highs are thrilling the lows are well, not pretty! That's life huh? I search for rainbows and puppy dogs, but find darkness and ticks!

You see when I begin this heart filled attempt at the impossible, I took a vow, to do but one thing, to write whatever's on my mind, with my heart as the guide! That I owe to you, no matter what country these words are translated into. I have been blessed to see the humble meandering madness of an old man, show on the map across this world! There is no greater warmth than return views, some countries, I've never heard of. Thank you soo much!!! I believe with all my heart We, the average person are the world!!!
Seems we are overlooked in the fast pace world today! We have been victimized by over communication! Too much of too much! Too much, bombarded at us, from every direction,we cannot cope! We retreat to our own self-world, in attempt at survival! Good and bad don't you think? We have been beaten down, dependent upon others, to think for us, to protect, to look out for the future of our children! How do you grade them???

If you had a little ground, years ago, before modernization, you were dependent upon yourself, family, friends. Church was a special way of giving thanks, in a most humble way. The core belief in God was instrumental! A shining light of universal proportion, solidifying you in the darkest hours. It's from your heart, your soul! It's from seeing the birth of your children, the blossoming each year, of tiny seeds, providing the bounty to sustain life! The moon was so much bigger, the sun brighter, the rain so welcoming! The production of life, most assuredly, not overlooked!!!

To look up at the full harvest moon in a plentiful year, generations ago as a hard working self made man, working in harmony with God, would give one the satisfaction uncomparable to anything our modern society gives US... Where have we gone wrong? We have voluntarily taken the path of instantaneous rewards, working for the man, instead of ourselves. We're victims of modernization, dependent not on ourselves, but wolves in sheeps clothing!

I have thought long and hard on ancient people living in harmony with the land, unbeknowst to outside forces. Then forces such as the Romans, spread their might, conquering village after village, forcing their will, their way, upon simple people working in harmony!

Ah, progress is so sweet, don't you think???

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  1. I am envious of you. You say you are trying to think of something to write and then you just start writing and come up with an excellent post. Me, when I can't think of anything to write, I just sit there !! I love your ability to express yourself about the common things of life in a way that makes them seem like something very special.

    Good one today G.