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Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Little Peace

I've grown accustom to the solitude I find late at night. Seems I'm able to find peace when the day slows into the wee hours of the AM. I can move about unhindered, enjoying the tempo of my own drum. I absolutely love when the heat of the day allows, warm cool nights... Ah, I must explain! You see, I prefer not to use air conditioning in my automobile. I enjoy the air blowing through my hair, the smell of where, I be!. A simple pleasure, important to me. So when days are warm, I love the night, because---work with me here---because---just checking to see if you're paying attention---because the nights are warm enough to enjoy the crisp clean night air. Especially the smells of springtime, also the sweet smell of corn on a hot muggy July night. Them stalks love the humidity, I think they're popping, cracking, growing! Yes I do! If you don't understand that, then you ain't never, experience the country at it's finest. Riding on a country road with fields of corn on both sides is exhilerating, if you appreciate the simplicity, and amazement right in front of your eyes. Field after fields of simple seeds blossoming into seven feet stalks in a few months, providing the nutrients of survival, for one heck of a lot of people! I reckon, city folks might not understand what I'm talking about.

As early as I can remember, I'd help, or get in the way, I'm not sure, of my grandpa as he planted a very large garden. Ground's plowed deep, disked, rows made and these tiny seeds placed with love into the ground. Soon tiny sprouts are coming through the soil. I swear, those sprouts grow so fast. Every day we would look at them green wonders, as they matured into, tomatoes, sweet corn, whatever. Them potatoes must be planted on good Friday! Them taters are tricksters, they hide below ground! Yes they do! When the time is right, we use a potato fork and dig them beauties up! Yes we did! Fuunn, I'd reckon! Man them taters were goo-ood! One must smell the earth, crumble it, in your hand to appreciate, understand, I suppose! You see, I was taught the love of spring and gardening from my grandpa. He worked for the Rail Road, but his passion was growing a garden. Once a neccessity of survival, everybody raised big gardens. Canned their food, had to! The love of Mother Earth, is an acquired trait, can't explain, it just is!!!

The love of my Grandpa, the love of Mother Earth has never left me! I can see him well over six foot tall, lanky, wearing grey trousers, grey long sleeved shirt, even in the summer, he spent all his time outside and a blue Rail Road cap, with suspenders. When he took his hat off, there was a tan line on his forehead, from wearing that Rail Road hat all the time.

You must understand, when I ride around late at night, I'm never alone. I feel, see, smell more, than the darknes of night! The peace of a lifetime, the childhood memories I wear on my sleeve, where I also wear my heart, I'm at peace. The world and I, are in tune, I despise the hectic, hoopla, of a world, I wish to not be part off. The fast paced world does not allow the peace I need. I'm forced to sleep during the day, not by choice, but out of neccessity. Ah but, I can dream during the day and enjoy the warm, cool, peaceful memories on a hot summer's night. I'm at peace, alive, one with the world, damn my friends, it don't get, no better than that. I'll take a little peace, anywhere I can find it!!! Thank you for visiting my humble little sight. Glen    

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  1. You mention the corn fields........ When I was growing up in Indiana there were corn fields everywhere. I never really paid that much attention to them. A couple of years ago I went back up there to visit my best friend and as I was driving down the back roads after I got off the interstate, I couldn't help but notice the cornfields and how beautiful they were and the smell of the country air. I mentioned it to my friend when I got to her house and she thought I was nuts, thinking the cornfields were so beautiful. See she takes them for granted. Sometimes we don't appreciate what we have, the environment around our home until we go away and come back. It takes on a whole new beauty then. I am glad you see and feel the way you do and you appreciate things like that. Nice post today Glen.