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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Drug of Choice!

The truth be known, I have a lot to say! The problem IS? It wants to come out all at the same time! My fingers cannot keep up, with my mind ! My mind goes into the manic phase and the information becomes nothing but jibberish to my fingers. I have been working really hard to get control of this. The problem is, I have taken up this impossible hobby at a time in life, when old men just wanr to watch Nascar and sit on the front porch with a cushion under their fanny! I absolutely, do not want to end up like that! This rather fun, rather insane attempt at madness, has become my new drug of choice. It gives me highs unequaled in my life! I practice, practice and practice. On you, my unsuspecting partners! HA, HA! I''ll betcha you don't come across someone like me in your everyday world! BABY! THAT BE MY GOAL!!! I reckon I'm improving, although not fast enough for me! The more I type the more I find I wish to type! I have a never ending amount of short stories that come from out of no where! I have this story I have titled Harmony stuck in my mind and am outlining it. I have the beginning and the ending, man oh man, do I ever have the ideas I wish to put in it!

Okay, okay, okay, I'll give ya'all out there a itty bitty sneaky peeky! Have you ever in your life heard of a grown man talking, excuuse me! Typng like that? I feel as though I have been given a new lease on life and want to shout it from the rooftops! Excuuse me once again, type it through the keyboard!

Anyhow before my mind got  to rambling I was fixin to say somethun... Oh yeah! This story I am working on. I have always been fascinated by certain old buildings. The type that were being built around the end of the 1800's. You know the kind, courthouses, schools, libraries etc. These buildings were built to last, made of Indiana Limestone, also known as Bedford Limstone, Salem Limestone. Trade name for a certain Limestone found in Indiana. This Limestone was used in buildings such as The Empire State Building and other well known buildings.

These earlier mentioned buildings such as schools, hold a special spot in my heart. I wrote a short story about a year ago titled Limestone, Brick and Mortar that gives just a tad of the flavor and love of these structures. Exactly why, I don't rightly know! I believe the writing of this story/book, whatever; only God knows, where it's going to go, will be a journey unlike any I have taken, of that somehow I do know!!!

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  1. Your stories are wonderful Glen. I am looking forward to reading the new one when you get it written. I admire your creativity and imagination and I still say you could write a book, a real book and get it published. If you could slow down and get it together :-)