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Friday, June 1, 2012

Patience & Meritorious!

I wish to see where my mind is tonight, be it here there or yonder, I never know. Stupidity of the goings on at work have been lost to oblivion, thank goodness. I must remember at all times it's just a place to make money to survive! "work to live, not live for work" as they say." Hell I don't know who said it but it's sound advice. To get caught up in the craziness only lowers ones remaining brain cells and at my age I can't afford to loose no more. So be off with the absurd silliness of it all.

I had half an hour before going into work so I read a chapter in my book while sitting in my van. Storm clouds approaching I watch the beauty of the dark clouds. The sun presently shining. Clouds soon push back the sun, wind picks up the air feels prickly, since I just finished the chapter I don't lolly gag, I rush inside. Sure enough, I have no more made it through the door and the splish splatter of rain hit's the glass. "Yippee!" I say to myself, I have out foxed mother nature before she wets my ass! This is 5:50 PM. The rain was a quick burst nothing frightening. There is some glass to see outside luckily my machines face the west. I happen to look out the window at exactly 8:45 to see the last ray of sun streaming on a white building a quarter mile away. The sun has not shone in 3 hours, yet I look out to see the last light of the day peeking at me. It carries a magic golden glow, as beautiful as a rainbow, mother tells me "goodnight". My heart glows, maybe that's why I was in a golden mood?

That changed within two hours. I must make an earlier than normal delivery on Thursday late PM to a new warehouse. The best part of this, there will be nobody there, so I can zip in and zip out, you see. When I'm in a hurry under time constraints such as last night. Would you believe a brand new truck with less than 1,000 miles on it had a problem in the next state. I must have that truck to make a delivery and the driver was late so you see I did not have time to dilly dally. Well my luck is to find someone I despise from past difficulties, as in "a failure to communicate". Anyways with much control on my part I bite my tongue and make it back on time you see. I'm an hour ad a half passed my lunch and my belly's growling. I have water with me on my jaunt to another city beyond my Daisyville. That water sure don't quench my growling belly, not at all! I make it back and hid to the refrigerator devouring my lunch. U'm me belly says "good" I talk fer a spell with a couple pals at work having some good laughs at our new boss's expense. What can I say about some bosses? Maybe I best leave it there because them bosses ain't going to take no more minutes off of my life, you know what I mean? I'm getting off in about an hour or so I bide my time and ya-hoo good buddies this here old man be gone!

Lordy! Lordy! Lordy! I be trying to learn that there patience thinga-ma-bob! Have mercy! My Moma has all the patience in the world and she be in her eighties, yes-sir! Me Daddy, he had no patience. He should of been admitted to a mental institution as one of them patients, uh-huh! He's been gone 27 years, so what have we learned today about patience boys and girls of the neighbor-world, here on Mr. Glen's neighbor-net? I've heard the old saying "patience is a virtue." I'm gonna going to look that rather nice sounding word up. Virtue means a specific moral quality regarded as good or meritorious. Well that sounds like my Mama! That word meritorious sure throws me for a loop though! Merit sounds good and I understand that but I sure as hell don't recollect the other part, "orious." The closest I can find in my dictionary, by the way I like looking words up the old-fashion way, so Excuse me! Orion is the closest, I knew that word was bad, Greek and Roman myth, Ah-oh, here it comes, a hunter who Diana loves but accidentally kills. See I had a feeling about "orious!" I do like what's behind door number two though, also Astron, an equatorial constellation between Taurus and Lepus, containing the bright stars Rigel and Betelgeuse. Say what!!! Them Greeks and Romans sure go about!  I best look meritorious or ask my buddy Uh- Clem. Seeing as how he's not here I best look that up. Meritorious means having merit; deserving reward, praise.

Seeing as how my mind has left my body and visiting another place I bid you adieu, adios, goodnight.

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  1. I love that you saw the last of the sun before it went down. That is one of my favorite times of the day.

    I always say not to pray for Patience because the good Lord won't give it to you, rather He will teach you patience through life's trials and through other people whom you encounter. I know this because I asked the Lord when I was a young parent to give me patience ! Ha :-)