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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Uh-Clem Tries Educating Me!

Good morning to my FAVORITE people in the whole world! Welcome to my hood, neighborhood rather! Let me make that perfectly clear! In Glen's neighborhood, I never, never know where my mind is going to take me and then I invite you out there across the big, big, big neighborhood to ride with me. Whether it be silliness which I absolutely love or down right insanity which I am sometimes guilty of, or darkness that once in a while takes me over. What am I missing here, oh, I love to give my opinions. I hope once in a blue moon some words of wisdom may come through. This journey I have found myself on is a rather unbelievable search for ME! But hey, WE ALL search for OURSELVES right! Right on brothers and sisters!

I read a short story a couple hours ago by Herman Melville. He be the author of Moby Dick, one fine novel that we all know the story of. A friend recommended that I read "Bartley The Scrivener". The first thought  through my mind, "what the hell is a scrivener'? Ah, ha, ha, ha! The first thing I do is look up scrivener. You see I'm not an educated man unless living, to become older is called education! I don't know ... I be a self-taught man. I'm sure you can tell that by my writing! I have no style, it be just me 'old Glenny' pecking on the keyboard, an old man with a new toy, (HONK! HONK! HONK!) scrivener be a scribe, copyist or clerk. Well looky here, I have learned me a new word for today.

I think my buddy Uh-Clem be a trying to educate a worthless old codger. He be the one that loaned me Crime and Punishment. I was terrified at the title. Everybody knows "you don't do the crime if you can't do the time." After the first chapter I thought ....  Uh-Clem be pulling a fast one on a helpless old man. I thought I had mental problems! Whew wee ... This Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov fella I call him "Raskol". He be the whole of a mental institution all wrapped up into a tightly wrapped package. Yes he is! I must admit it were right hard getting into it. Why? Damn, I see challenged ones everyday and I know I'm a mite touched and make no bones about it! I learned a long time ago, if you can't beat em 'join em!'

See how my mind wanders, well I felt right at home in Raskol's mind. Then I thought ...  my buddy is trying to teach me Russian, starting with the names slowly adjusting my mental peculiarities. Well Raskol seemingly a deranged former student walks around town talking to himself thinking evil thoughts in addition to having all his screws loose, pawns a couple things to an old pawnbroker called Alyona Ivanova. Following me so far, he gets a little money and walks around crazily some more and ends up at what is called a pothouse I'm thinking "this Raskol's brain is burnt out from smoking pot." I was somewhat close, pothouses is run down deteriorated drinking houses, I reckon. Here he meets a drunken man by the name of Marmeladov a clerk in rank in the service. Anyhow I get hooked on the book and away I go!

Back to Bartelby The Scrivener, Bartelby is also a clerk, a rather unusual clerk, who's favorite answer to everything is "I'd rather not!" Bartley reminds me of some I have known in life. The ones I know are lazy. But Bartelby's problem is more complex than that I fear! He is a man that is going no where and lost his former job, a real dead end job!!! He was as low in rank as a job can be, no where to go and just don't care gives up.

So I reckon my good buddy o'l pal of mine is trying to tell me that I have no place to go but up and. So what have I learned today boys and girls? The low man gets all the shitty jobs and turns to drinking or simply fades away as Bartelby did or Marmeladov a drunk who gets ran down by horses and fades away.

Oh! Oh! Oh! I get it finally! The mentally deranged are taking over the world! Hot damn! I already knowed that! I be typing this here Bloggy thing-a ma-jig that will hopefully be read by people like me around the world! Ahhahahahaha!       Just having some fun with ya, I'll write something serious if I have the mind to later! To read the short story "Bartelby The Scrivener" by Herman Melville it's in Wikipedia under short stories by Herman Melville a fun read!  Thanks and goodnight my friends. Glen

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